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On the 9 September 1888 London was still digesting the news of Annie Chapman’s murder in Hanbury Street, Spitalfields. The full details of this latest... read more »
Wandsworth Prison hosted its 135th and final hanging on this date in 1961. The star of the show was Henryk Niemasz, who became infatuated with a married... read more »
Anyone who travels regularly on London’s underground and overground railway system will have seen people risking injuring themselves and others by... read more »
On this date in 1952, Egypt’s revolutionary military government sent a gallows warning to the labor movement. The towering political of the whole... read more »
A guest post by Emma Barrett, University of Sheffield. On what basis were people sentenced to death in late-eighteenth and nineteenth-century England?... read more »
Nowadays we have a number of organizations (state run and charitable) that look out for the interests of women and children, especially those caught up... read more »
Three men and two women hanged at Tyburn on this date in 1678. Our text here is one of the earliest of the Ordinary’s Accounts, a far shorter and... read more »
Children in the St Pancras workhouse school at Leavesden I think it would be quite easy to look at this next case and judge the man in the dock quite harshly.... read more »
From the Morristown (Tenn.) Gazette, September 11, 1878: EXECUTION OF HOWELL THE CONFESSION OF THE GUILTY WRETCH From the Knoxville Chronicle Yesterday... read more »
I used to live opposite a bus stop on a busy route into Northampton. The stop had a glass shelter to protect passengers from the elements, and buses called... read more »
On this date in 1799, a nobleman turned republican was turned into a martyr. Fruit of the distinguished Carafa family, Ettore Carafa (English Wikipedia... read more »
The Truth about Britain’s Beggars. Radio 4, 28th August and 2nd September 2018 Mark Johnson, former beggar, presented a graphic and disturbing account... read more »
I feel that today’s story from the Metropolitan Police courts needs to come with a health warning, for the nature of the case is really quite upsetting.... read more »
On this date in 2016, Bangladesh hanged tycoon Mir Quasem Ali for crimes against humanity committed during that country’s 1971 War of Independence... read more »
Mr (or perhaps Monsieur)  Goughenheim was strolling along Bear Street near Leicester Square in mid August 1839 with an English friend (named Richardson)... read more »
September 2 was the execution date during the purge year of 1937 for Old Bolshevik trade unionist Alexander Shlyapnikov. The metalworker Shlyapnikov was... read more »
By 1883 the Society for the Protection of Animals had received royal approval and so carried the name we know it by today – the RSPCA. Britain prides... read more »
Gangster David Leisure — not to be confused with the “Joe Isuzu” actor of the same name — was executed by lethal injection in Missouri... read more »
A year after the Ripper first struck in Whitechapel the problem of vulnerable, often homeless, ‘streetwalkers’ remained. The police had urged... read more »