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A striking photograph of the crowds gathered in front of the Gloucester Shire Hall at the opening of the trial of Beatrice Pace for the arsenic murder... read more »
The Aug. 28, 1955 lynching of Emmett Till and the subsequent acquittal of his murderers by an all-white Mississippi jury were among the American civil... read more »
Eighty-five years ago today, the trial of Beatrice Pace for the arsenic murder of her husband began at the Shire Hall in Gloucester.The prosecution was... read more »
Tomorrow (2 July) marks the 85th anniversary of the opening of the trial in Gloucester of Beatrice Pace -- referred to as 'the tragic widow of Coleford'... read more »
When I started WaywardWomen in April 2012, I wanted to create a space where I could explore the themes and points of interest in my PhD project –... read more »
(Thanks to Meaghan Good of the Charley Project for the guest post. -ed.) On this day in 1943, Willem Arondeus and eleven other Dutch resistance members... read more »