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May 11 is the feast date in the Orthodox confession* of Saint Mocius or Mucius, Hieromartyr of Amphipolis, Macedonia. Mosaic image of Mocius from the... read more »
It is probably fair to say that the marriage of Albert and Martha Sykes was doomed to fail. Albert was a labourer when the couple first got together and... read more »
An American Morris-Knudsen civilian contractor captured when the Japanese forces seized Wake Island during World War II was executed on this date in 1942.... read more »
Edith Wood was a widow from Manor Park, East London, who refused to be the stereotypical mourning wife. Instead, she was, perhaps, more of a Merry Widow,... read more »
Police constable James Jacobs (404B) was on his beat in Knightsbridge at 11.30 on Tuesday 8 May 1877. He was quickly alerted to the behaviour of a large... read more »
On this date in 2010, Iran hanged five political prisoners — four of them Kurdish — in Evin Prison. The non-Kurd was Mehdi Eslamian, condemned... read more »
On Saturday 5 May 1866 three men were fully committed to trial by the sitting magistrate at Worship Police court in the East End of London. George Hensey,... read more »
On this date in 1643, a remarkable trial-of-the-century political case climaxed when a former judge was beheaded for murdering his noble cousin and the... read more »
The records show that poaching was once a common offence in rural areas I’ve spent some time recently curating a new exhibition for a heritage centre... read more »
This morning my History and Criminology undergraduates sit their exam on my third year module on the Whitechapel murders. The module uses the ‘Jack... read more »
Red spy Li Bai was executed in the Pudong district of Shanghai on this date in 1949. Li Bai and his circuitry immortalized in stone in Shanghai’s... read more »
A warning, this is a most unpleasant case, because it concerns the alleged rape of a 14 year-old girl. Rachael Potts worked as a domestic servant in a... read more »
From the Pennsylvania Packet, May 23, 1780. read more »
The Albert Embankment under construction in 1869 As two police constables patrolled the Albert Embankment on Saturday evening in May 1879 they heard... read more »
Sir Simon Burley lost his head on this date in 1388 to the fury of the Lords Appellant. The childhood tutor of the young King Richard II, Burley had come... read more »
In April 1883 a lad of 11 named Arthur Harris Syres was brought before the Lambeth Police court magistrate where he confessed to causing the death of his... read more »
The excellent “Homosexuality in Nineteenth-Century England” sourcebook maintained by Rictor Norton brings us the tear-jerking May 4, 1812 hanging... read more »
A pair of interesting cases for you this morning both brought before magistrates in London but neither of which ended in a conviction for any crime. Once... read more »
This is a follow-up to my post in March about why people get so angry about others liking true crime, of sorts. Since then, The Guardian has published... read more »
William Collins was lucky. In 1841 he had a brush with the law that might have ended in a quite serious prosecution and, most likely, a prison sentence.... read more »
This account from the London Chronicle, June 5, 1766 refers to the disappearance and alleged murder of the informer John Bridge. We’ve visited this... read more »
In this year William de Breos the Younger, lord of Brycheiniog, was hanged by the Lord Llywelyn in Gwynedd, after he had been caught in Llywelyn’s... read more »
Three prisoners appeared at the North London Police court in early May 1899 and each of their cases was affected by new legislation, passed the previous... read more »
The young maid Adriana Bouwman was guillotined on this date in 1813 for theft and arson; it was the second and last use of that notorious machine in The... read more »
The fact that Alice and Rosina Purcell were charged at Worship Street Police court under legislation intended to prosecute beggars and vagrants is not,... read more »