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 The underlying theme of this book is that the paucity of archaeological evidence and eye-witness narratives concerning the Roman Conquest of Britain... read more »
An eminently readable book which tells of ten journeys taken by the author across the four nations of the United Kingdom, covering more than 650 miles... read more »
On this date in 1962, J. Kelly Moss went to the Kentucky electric chair in Kentucky for murder. A lifelong criminal whose offenses ran more to the impulsive... read more »
Britton Jones arrived at Hobart Town as a convict on the ship “Dromedary” on 10th January 1820. He had been transported for the theft of 72... read more »
A one-day conference in September which is being organised by Cerian Griffiths in conjunction with the Digital Panopticon project. Date: 2nd September... read more »
March 1 was the date in 1562 of the Massacre of Vassy. Le Massacre fait a Vassy le premier iour de Mars 1562 This horror supplies to historical periodization... read more »