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On this date in 1947, Dutch troops fighting (vainly) to keep Indonesia under colonial sway perpetrated one of the most notorious massacres of the Indonesian... read more »
Before I became an academic historian I worked mostly in retail. I enjoyed the busy Christmas period but it has to be said that shopkeepers and shop staff... read more »
Join the Old Bailey Online team at the launch of the new exhibition Criminal Lives, 1780-1925: Punishing Old Bailey Convicts! The exhibition is a... read more »
This lovely building was constructed by one William Turner in 1845. Turner was an enterprising man who spared no expense in having his hotel furnished... read more »
From the Wilkes-Barre (Penn.) Times, Dec. 8, 1905. Mary Rogers Died on the Scaffold Paid the Last Penalty of the Law After a Legal Fight of Two Years —... read more »
Today I am spending most of my time in Whitechapel planning out a history trip for my undergraduate students. This is something I do every year –... read more »
On this date in 1799, the subversive priest Francesco Conforti was hanged in the Piazza Mercato for his role in the Naples Parthenopean Republic. This... read more »
All this week at my university we are running a series of events designed at raising awareness of issues surrounding sexual assault, harassment and consent.... read more »
Two of eight Apache — Nacod Qui Say and Rah Dos La, among other possible transliterations — who murdered an Arizona sheriff and deputy while... read more »
When Sarah Craddock was put in the dock at Marylebone Police Court to answer a charge of stealing from her master it uncovered an ugly family quarrel,... read more »
The U.S. state Maryland executed Wesley Baker on this date in 2005 — the last man ever put to death there. Baker accosted* a 49-year-old woman named... read more »
Victorian Bermondsey Sometimes even when you have a full trial account at Old Bailey in addition to the initial report of a pre-trial hearing before a... read more »
On this date in 1531, a Welsh nobleman whose grandfather had been instrumental in raising the Tudor dynasty up caught the downswing of the Tudor dynasty’s... read more »
When I think of boxing twins I always think of Ronnie and Reggie Kray, the East End’s premier gangsters of the twentieth century. There was something... read more »
December 3 is the feast date of the minor and perhaps fictional martyr Cassian of Tangier. Not to be confused with the later Julian the Apostate-era martyr... read more »
If you want to know the time, ask a policeman.The proper city time, ask a policeman,Every member of the force has a watch and chain, of course,How he got... read more »
The New Police (created in London in 1829) spent most of their time on patrol. They were tasked with knowing their beat inside out; all the locals, shops,... read more »
Today’s short and plaintive broadsheet arrives via James Kelly’s Gallows Speeches From Eighteenth-Century Ireland, a source we have enjoyed... read more »
Hans Erasmus, Count of Tattenbach, was beheaded as a traitor in Graz. Governor of Styria in present-day Slovenia, Tattenbach took an unwise interest in... read more »
A family nursemaid and her fellow servant were taking the children in their care to the park when they ran into an angry pedestrian. The case was trivial... read more »