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Charles Brighton had gone to bed at about 11 at night on the 26 October 1874. Brighton, a stableman, lived with his wife and children in Lombard Street,... read more »
On this date in 1873, Joseph Fry,* captain of the captured U.S. blockade runner Virginius, was shot in Santiago de Cuba along with 36 of his crew members.... read more »
Farringdon station under construction in the 1860s The news feed is still dominated by the Westminster ‘sex pest’ scandal with a growing list... read more »
From the London Weekly Journal or Saturday’s Post, Nov. 9, 1717: On Wednesday we had a very odd Accident happen’d upon Occasion of the ordinary... read more »
On Monday morning 3 November 1879 the foreman at a stables in Coburg Row, Westminster, found that one of the stablemen was  much ‘the worse... read more »
On this date in 1974, the deposed Albanian Defence Minister Beqir Balluku was shot … a bit of an occupational hazard for the post considering a... read more »
This week my masters students at the University of Northampton will be looking at the subject of domestic violence. This 14 week module concentrates on... read more »
A depiction of the discovery of Mrs McLennan’s body, from the Illustrated Police News (found in the British Newspaper Archive) It was December 1914;... read more »
The executions marked by this series could have been the antechamber to a hecatomb for they brought the United States and Spain to the brink of war in... read more »
On this date in 1873, not five days after capturing the Virginius — a U.S. blockade runner illegally supplying separatist rebels in Cuba —... read more »
Today, in a slight break from the usual format of these posts, I want to write about two incidents that didn’t appear in reports of the workings... read more »
On this date in 1865, the creole politician Samuel Clarke was condemned and immediately executed under martial law in the crackdown following Jamaica’s... read more »
I have written about cruelty to animals in previous posts on this site and, sadly, it seems to have been all too common in Victorian London. Cats, dogs... read more »
Paul Lorrain, the Ordinary of Newgate, enlivened his report of a November 2, 1715 mass hanging at Tyburn with a The malefactors in question on this occasion... read more »
A Victorian coffee house, note the lack of female customers. Francis Nicholls was a young man of about 25 years of age. He sounds like he possessed a certain... read more »
On this date in 1922, Mexican General Francisco Murguia was shot at the Tepehuanes cemetery in Durango. A photographer who found martial glory in the Mexican... read more »
Graphic content. Please consider this a trigger warning for descriptions of self-inflicted injuries, blood and hanging.If you follow me or ‘Race... read more »
Highly recommended this month is the free exhibition Rogues Gallery: Faces of Crime, 1870-1917, which is at the National Records of Scotland in Edinburgh... read more »
Winter is coming. Hallowe’en has come and gone and Bonfire Night is looming. The clocks have gone back and the air has turned distinctly chilly.... read more »