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On this date in 1872, John Barclay hanged in Ohio for murder — and was almost reanimated for science. Barclay was a late-twenties knockabout of the... read more »
The story of Highfield is one of colonial expansion, commercial opportunism and cultural arrogance. It is also about extraordinary human endeavour and... read more »
Gentleman highwayman James MacLaine hanged at Tyburn on this date in 1750. The debauched son of a Presbyterian minister, MacLaine wasted first an inheritance... read more »
On this date in 1850, Henry Leander Foote was hanged in Connecticut. Foote was an educated man who used his time languishing in jail — there was... read more »
Birdlip Hill. (Copyright of Andy Dolman and licensed for reuse Under Creative Commons Licence, via On Saturday, 13 September... read more »
East Germany executed sociopath Hilmar Swinka* on this date in 1970 for three murders in Berlin. Swinka’s trial and execution were conducted in... read more »
Alcohol addiction can be a criminogenic risk factor. Contemporary criminology studies show that drug and alcohol abuse is linked to increased contact with... read more »