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On this date in 1915, Ottoman major Cerkez Ahmed (often Ahmet) hanged in Damascus. The officer had been an important figure months earlier in the opening... read more »
Here are a few of the links that have interested me over the course of this month. The Girl In The Box: The Mysterious Crime That Shocked Germany The... read more »
I promised that this blog would return to the events of 1888 and the so-called Whitechapel or ‘Jack the Ripper’ murders. In the early hours... read more »
A Thai national named Navarat Maykha was hanged in Singapore on this date in 1995 for drug-smuggling. “An impoverished and uneducated woman, and... read more »
The Alhambra Theatre of Variety, Leicester Square c.1874 Today’s blog concerns the problematic area of tipping in a restaurant or bar. Should you... read more »
Cuban patriot Eduardo Facciolo Alba was garroted on this date in 1852. The 23-year-old was the typographer of the magazine La Voz del Pueblo Cubano... read more »
Mr. A’Beckett’s courtroom at Southwark was packed in late September 1854 as the Bermondsey Improvement Commissioners brought a series of ‘health... read more »
Below follows the full text the gallows ephemera by which print culture recalls for posterity a domestic tragedy of colonial Boston … whose arch... read more »
Some areas of the capital were notoriously difficult to police. There were several streets and alleyways in Spitalfields and Whitechapel where the police... read more »
Socialist journalist Javier Bueno was garotted by the fascists on this date in 1939. Bueno (Spanish Wikipedia entry | Asturian), “instigator of the... read more »
I am (sadly) rarely supervised at the cruelty that some human are capable of showing to others and to defenseless animals, but this case is extreme and... read more »
A sketch of the incident on the front page of the Illustrated Police News, 30 January 1930. Image courtesy of the British Newspaper Archive. On the morning... read more »
From a New York Times report of Nov. 13, 1852, corroborated by other press by foreign and domestic. On September 25, 1852, in Athens, Greece, the unnamed... read more »
The nature of the law is at the centre of discussions this morning. Yesterday judges sitting in the highest court in the land – the Supreme Court... read more »
Robert Anthony Buell, a former Akron city planner, was executed by lethal injection on this date in 2002. He’d been condemned for abducting 11-year-old... read more »
Historians of crime have estimated that in the 18thand 19thcenturies only a small percentage of assaults (even fairly serious ones) reached the courts.... read more »
Iraq’s June 1948 elections hard in the wake of the humiliating defeat of Iraq’s expeditionary by the infant state of Israel ushered in a ferociously... read more »
Homelessness is very much a part of life in London in the 21st century, something, I feel, we should – as a society – feel ashamed of. ... read more »
September 22 is the feast date of early Christian martyr Saint Maurice, and of the legendary all-Christian Theban Legion which he commanded. This legion... read more »
By Cassie Watson; posted 22 September 2019. The trial of the notorious Rugeley Poisoner, William Palmer, opened at London’s Central Criminal Court,... read more »
When PC 64E reached the small crowd gathered outside the Lyceum Theatre on the Strand he found a man writhing around on the pavement, and frothing at the... read more »
Italian artillerist Amos Pampaloni, the real-life model for the title character of the novel and film Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, miraculously survived... read more »
The wild publicity surrounding the Ripper murders in 1888 escalated after the murder of Annie Chapman on 8 September. Lots of suspects began to emerge... read more »
From the Galveston (Texas) News, September 24, 1878: Execution of Speer. The First White Man Hanged is in McLennan County. A Solemn and Impressive Scene... read more »
The very last case heard at Guildhall Police court on 19 September 1864 was a tragic one, and one that might have been written by the capital’s greatest... read more »
“every man is presumed to be innocent till proved guilty …” -Whig barrister William Garrow, coining a soon-to-become-foundational juridical... read more »
Mary Anderson Mary Anderson was an American actress, born in Sacramento, California, in 1859. She had been on the stage since the age of 16, enjoying success... read more »
Hannah Williams loved James Newbold and she thought that the young engineer would marry her. She believed this and that had led her to support him while... read more »
Richard Thursgill and his family were awakened by someone ringing violently on their doorbell.  It was about a quarter past one in then morning of... read more »
Horman was interrogated at the military school and then transferred to the national stadium for further questioning. He was ordered shot and killed the... read more »
Uruguay-born World War I spy Augusto Alfredo Roggen was shot in the Tower of London on this date in 1915. Like most German-on-British agents during the... read more »
An 1865 issue Victorian florin (not actual size…) I suppose that in these days of contactless payment fewer and fewer of us use real money any more.... read more »
To whom much is given … BEIJING — A man who in 2009 killed six of his family, including his own children, was executed Friday [September 16,... read more »
I have spent the last two weeks following the metropolitan police courts in one year, 1888, the year of the Whitechapel murders. I’ll return to 1888... read more »
Heretical prelate Jan de Bakker went to The Stake at The Hague on this date in 1525. Stained glass dedicated to Jan de Bakker at Sint-Jacobskerk in The... read more »
As PC Olding (269D) patrolled the streets in central London in September 1888 he may have counted his blessings that he had not been seconded to Whitechapel,... read more »
From news reports: The management of the federal Kober Prison in Khartoum North on Sunday [September 14, 2014] carried out the death penalty against two... read more »
One can imagine that with tension riding high in September 1888 violence was on everyone’s mind, even violence that might have seemed ‘commonplace’ previously.... read more »
The notorious Dutch criminal Huttenkloas was broken on the wheel on this date in 1775. The distinctive brand Huttenkloas today attaches to a brewery with... read more »
Anti-immigrant sentiment was on the rise in the 1880s fueled by racists (anti-alienists) like Arnold White, a populist politician in the Farage mold. White... read more »
Private John Abigail of the Royal Norfolk Regiment was shot on this date in 1917 for World War I desertion, at the village of Esquelbecq on the French-Belgian... read more »
There are some historians and historical criminologists whose work leaves you cold, and others whose work gives you a little bit of professional jealousy,... read more »
Yesterday’s blog concerned a violent assault in Berner Street, where Liz Stide was murdered on 30 September 1888. Today’s is about a theft... read more »
Ottoman officer Yakub Cemil was executed on this date in 1916 as an aspiring putschist. A Circassian infantryman who served under Enver Pasha in the 1900s,... read more »
The panic over the Whitechapel (or ‘Jack the Ripper’) murders were really beginning to set in by the second week of September 1888. Martha... read more »
On this date in 1731, a double execution of 50-year-old Catherine Bevan and her young servant — perhaps lover — Peter Murphy was nightmarishly... read more »
1882 saw an important breakthrough in women’s rights. Not quite as important as the vote perhaps, but more practical, at least for women who worked... read more »
Elsjen Roelofs was broken on the wheel at Assen on this date in 1767 — an unusual fate for a woman, inflicted for poisoning her husband. The sources... read more »
One the most powerful images of the negative effects of alcohol is William Hogarth’s ‘Gin Lane’. The engraving is Hogarth’s attack... read more »
The Capital Punishment UK Facebook page exhumes a ghastly artifact for us in the form of the September 8, 1873 hanging of James Connor at Kirkdale Gaol... read more »