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Here are are few of the crime-related links I’ve spotted this month: New heritage crime trail reveals Beverley’s darker past Author reveals how his... read more »
Halford Mills was arrested at Newtonhill railway station on Friday the 16th March 1900. Originally from London, his accent may well have aroused suspicion... read more »
By Dr Ashley Borrett The interwar years have often been depicted as a period of transformation, where earlier attitudes to criminality and the treatment... read more »
By Hannah Salisbury, Community and Learning Officer (West), Suffolk Archives In March 1857 Abram Moss was sentenced to 3 years detention for stealing peas.... read more »
Posted by Sara M. Butler, 23 Aug. 2021. Like many other teenagers, the only reason I enjoyed leafing through the occasional Shakespearean play in high... read more »
George Martin was a labourer, of no fixed abode, who claimed to be from the Dumfries area. The Aberdeen Press & Journal described his crime under the... read more »
James Morren was one of four men convicted in January 1901 in connection with the theft of £54. 4s. 3d., from the offices of Adam & Company, 42 Regent... read more »
Guest post by Tim Stretton, 14 August 2021. For centuries the English common law rules concerning married women’s rights—known by the shorthand... read more »
Back to gendered assumptions of crime today, and to a case from Edwardian London. In June 1904, a 40-year-old woman named Mary Edith Church appeared at... read more »
In December 1832 two Italian street artists (or ‘strollers’), Bartalona Carstilina and Louiza Caraaro where charged with obstruction the passageway... read more »
This mugshot of David Wood taken on his arrest in October 1904 when he was 36, portrays him as a well groomed, dapper individual sporting a neatly trimmed... read more »