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On this date in 1996, the people of the Veracruz town of Playa Vicente visited an orderly extrajudicial lynching on an accused rapist and murderer. This... read more »
Watch out, it’s a peaky blinder! I thought I’d draw together a few links to news stories or other articles I’ve seen over the past month... read more »
In 1867 parliament passed one of its more sensible pieces of legislation, the Vaccination Act (30 & 31 Vict. c.84). This built upon several previous... read more »
On this date in 1694, a young woman died an infanticide in Viborg, Denmark. Denmark in the 17th century consolidated into an absolute monarchy and with... read more »
Are you a cat person or a dog one? I have cats but love dogs too; I just don’t have time in my life for them at the moment. Cats are more self-contained... read more »
You might want to take a deep breath for this September 16, 2014 bulletin from the South China Morning Post titled “Singer who left six lovers to... read more »
Having just dealt with two gentlemen who had been found drunk and drawing a crowd around them near Cremorne Gardens, Mr Arnold’s Westminster Police... read more »
On this date in 1588, Elizabethan England celebrated the defeat of the Spanish Armada with Catholic gallows spread throughout London, claiming eight souls... read more »
Isaac Jones was a violent man when he was in his cups. He had that in common with very many in nineteenth-century London and his poor wife and family suffered... read more »
Outside Chester Prison in Cheshire on this date in 1861, Martin Doyle became the last hanged in Britain for “mere” attempted murder. He’d... read more »
In August 1887 London had little inkling of the terror that was to haunt the East End in just a year’s time. There was violence and crime aplenty... read more »
Via Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: Officials in Afghanistan say that 17 civilians, including two women, have been beheaded in the southern Helmand Province‘s... read more »
Elizabeth Couldry was standing at her door in Sugarloaf Court in the City of London (which led into Leadenhall Street, above) watching a group of boys... read more »
“I love acting. It is so much more real than life.” –Oscar Wilde August 25 is the feast date of Saint Genesius of Rome. He’s the... read more »
Alcoholism is a debilitating addiction than ruins not only the life of the person affected but that of those around them. Since the Second World War most... read more »
The watching public at Wandsworth Police court witnessed an unusually dramatic case on 23 August 1886. Emily Parry, an 18 year-old domestic servant, was... read more »
On this date in 1217, the pirate Eustace the Monk was defeated in battle and summarily beheaded, scuppering an ongoing invasion that nearly seated a French... read more »
Original Dublin broadsheet via James Kelly’s Gallows Speeches: From Eighteenth-Century Ireland: THE LAST SPEECH AND DYING WORDS OF PETER DALTON... read more »
William Whitlock was a brave man and a humanitarian; someone who was prepared to risk his own life to save others. While we should always be sensible about... read more »
(Thanks to English Presbyterian poet Robert Wild for the guest post in verse, celebrating the martyrdom of his coreligionist Christopher Love. Love died... read more »
Although we often think of the 19th and early 20th century press as prone to exaggeration and hyperbole in their coverage of crime – and some papers,... read more »
The crowd that had gathered around Thomas Masters on Houndsditch one early evening in August 1867 looked angry. Angry enough at least to worry one passerby... read more »
In the Louviers case, a horrid record of diabolism, demoniac masses, lust and blasphemy, on 21 August, 1647, Thomas Boullé, a notorious Satanist,... read more »
Bluegate Fields by Gustave Doré (1872) Bluegate Fields in Shadwell was, by all accounts, ‘a terrible place’ in the 1800s. Gustave Doré... read more »
The Michelangelo sculpture variously known as Apollo, Apollo-David, or Apollino* was commissioned by Baccio Valori, who met his end on the scaffold on... read more »
Holywell Street, central London, late 1800s  One of the things ‘we think we know’ about the Victorians is that they were very prudish... read more »
Samuel Sainsbury was a 45 year-old carman – the late nineteenth-century equivalent of the modern ‘white van man’. I think it is fair... read more »
The hanging, and then posthumous beheading and head-spiking, of the Virginia slave Abram lacks any firmer primary date than the signature given this Richmond... read more »
On this date in 1885, the Colombian rebel Pedro Prestan hanged at a railroad at the town of Colon, on the isthmus of Panama that was then still a part... read more »
It was claimed last week (by the Daily Express) that assaults on the police had risen to ‘28 attacks a day on officers in crime epidemic’.1... read more »
(Thanks to Richard Clark of Capital Punishment U.K. for the guest post, a reprint of an article originally published on that site with some explanatory... read more »
The Phoenix in East Smithfield Yet again this week we have witnessed some terrible examples of violence in the domestic news. Yesterday a policeman was... read more »
Eighty-three-year-old Catholic theologian Charles-Louis Richard was shot by the army of revolutionary France on this date in 1794 in Mons, Belgium. Although... read more »
In most assault cases heard before the Metropolitan Police courts the magistrates had the option to fine or to imprison defendants. There was clear class... read more »
The last execution in the state of New York occurred on this date in 1963 when Harlem murderer Eddie Lee Mays — who shot a woman dead in the course... read more »
By Sara M. Butler; posted 15 August 2019. About six months ago, I stumbled across an intriguing 2011 article by Stephen Alsford on the subject of medieval... read more »
The MeToo movement in the US and over here has helped expose the widespread exploitation of power by men for their own sexual gratification. Several prominent... read more »
I recently reviewed one book relating to Truman Capote’s writing of In Cold Blood – and now, fast on its heels is another book which touches... read more »
On this date in 2018, Nebraska executed Carey Dean Moore for killing two cab drivers all the way back in 1979 — 39 years earlier. It had been over... read more »
Fanny Corzinski had just left home with her husband to go to a wedding. She was dressed in her best outfit and was wearing gold earrings for the occasions.... read more »
Leslie George Stone hanged at Pentonville Prison on this date in 1937 for a murder that was revealed by the fabric of his trousers. The naked body of Stone’s... read more »
I’m just back from a holiday where the temperature hasn’t dropped below 30 degrees Celsius the whole time, so I identified with this 1930 image... read more »
When John Henry Marler was brought before Mr Lushington at Thames Police court on a charge of attempted murder it must have excited some interest in the... read more »
On this date in 1335,* imperial power in Japan received the executioner’s decisive verdict. The three-year Kenmu Restoration (1333-1336) makes an... read more »
John Woods was sleeping off the effects of an evening’s drinking when he was discovered, curled up on a doorstep on the Minories, by detective George... read more »
We have this incident courtesy of Robert Plot’s 17th century The natural history of Stafford-shire; the date of the (attempted) execution is inferred... read more »
Mr Savory Moriston had been out in the Haymarket, dining with friends during one of his regular visits to London. Moriston was a Hamburg based merchant... read more »
United States torturer Dan Mitrione was executed on this date in 1970 by Uruguayan guerrillas. A onetime Indiana beat cop, Dan Mitrione graduated to an... read more »
The Police Courts were places where people could bring their grievances on all manner of things in the 1800s. It is easy to get the impression that their... read more »
Photo from here, with the caption “Execution of Mir Hashim (Tabrizi). Mir Hashim and his forces had joined the pro-Mohammad Ali Shah forces in laying... read more »