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On August 31, 1767, Thomas Nicholson hung in chains at Carleton for murdering his godfather Thomas Parker — a sort of god-filicide. And we would... read more »
The Old Watch House site was first used as a convict barracks and gaol. The original building was erected in about 1820, of brick, with a strong stockade.... read more »
The reader can peruse only the first page of the two-page Edinburgh gallows broadside that comprises this post here; the full pamphlet appears to be available... read more »
On this date 1354, the Provencal mercenary Montreal d’Albarno was beheaded in Rome by order of the tribune Cola di Rienzi. Known locally as Fra Moriale... read more »
Last year I came across a rare archival find: multiple editions of a 19th century prison newspaper covertly produced by Russian inmates between 1890 and... read more »
Lancashire priest Edmund Arrowsmith was martyred on this date in 1628. Actually named Bryan by his parents, Arrowsmith took the name of an uncle while... read more »
Port Arthurs first hospital was a wooden building built in the 1830’s just below the site of the existing ruin. The existing hospital was built between... read more »
On this date in 1870, a spy of the Franco-Prussian War was shot in Paris. Barely a month old at this point, the Franco-Prussian War was a fast-unfolding... read more »
In a drama of curious names, Albany, New York hanged a gentleman named Whiting Sweeting on this date in 1791. He had slain Darius Quimby in the first recorded... read more »
This date’s post arrives via Rictor Norton‘s rich Homosexuality in Eighteenth-Century England sourcebook. We have cited this page before, notably... read more »
My PhD research focuses on the prosecution of fraud at the Old Bailey from 1760 to 1820. Having previously worked for a number of prosecuting agencies,... read more »
Ancien regime minister Arnaud de La Porte was guillotined on this date in 1792* by the new order. Stock of a long line of Versailles courtiers, de La Porte... read more »
A well preserved example of a typical Gothic Revival style church built in 1871. The Rev Joseph Mayson was the first rector of Swansea. He arrived in 1839... read more »
For this date’s post we welcome back to Executed Today the prolific pen of Alexandre Dumas, here working on the “fictional” side of his... read more »
L0040942 Ancient herbalists and scholars of medicinal lore (Galen, Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images ... read more »
On this date in 1972, Argentina’s junta authored the extrajudicial execution of 16 political prisoners after a jailbreak attempt. Remembered as the... read more »
This morning, Iraq hanged 36 men in Nasiriyah prison for a 2014 sectarian massacre perpetrated by the emerging Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL). After months’... read more »
This hotel was first licensed in 1859 and was originally called ”Todd’s Hotel” in honor of its first publican, Christopher James Todd.... read more »
By Michaela Ann Cameron Originally published on The Dictionary of Sydney (2015) Brislington, Parramatta’s oldest existing dwelling house, was built... read more »
By Michaela Ann Cameron Originally published on The Dictionary of Sydney (2015) The Colonial Hospital was Parramatta’s third and final hospital dedicated... read more »
Dorcas Carr and her colleagues introduced me to the women defined as prostitutes in Victorian Swansea. She will feature in one of the dramatised accounts... read more »
London Times, Aug. 21, 1983: read more »
The project team will be out in force at this year’s Digital Humanities Congress in Sheffield, part of an excellent programme of papers including... read more »
We’re delighted to be involved with Financial Crime Symposium: past lessons, contemporary challenges, and future solutions which is being... read more »
(Thanks to Meaghan Good of the Charley Project for the guest post. -ed.) On this day in 1774, convicted robber Patrick Madan and two other men went to... read more »
‘Two Gentlemen Regarding the Gibbets with Satisfaction’, from The Newgate Calendar. ( In the year 1776, Cheltenham was a... read more »
On this date in 2013, three young men were hanged in three different public locations around the Iranian city of Karaj. Photos of at least one of the executions... read more »
On this date in 1827, a “Carnival of Death” in Richmond saw the hanging of three Spanish pirates who had but recently perpetrated an infamous... read more »
Stephenville was the former home of Alfred Stephen, Solicitor General for Tasmania (later Chief Justice of NSW), in 1825. A two storey stucco building... read more »
By Michaela Ann Cameron Originally published on the Dictionary of Sydney (2015) The General Hospital is the name given to Parramatta’s first two... read more »
August 16 is a day of reverence in France for the execution on that date in 1944 — just days ahead of the allied liberation of Paris — of 35... read more »
This date in 1741 saw the hanging of Juan de la Silva for the slave plot to torch New York. This second-last execution in that bloody affair takes us to... read more »
February 1837 They find Sarah Rands in the taproom at the Sir Samuel Hood, laughing and drinking with a group of girls, teasing their jovial admirers.... read more »
The ‘rescue’ of women defined as prostitutes will be one of the themes in my book. Here are some stories about it in a Swansea context. Prostitution... read more »
Milton Hall is an excellent example of a Doric Temple style building favored by the Independents (Congregationalists) who like the Baptists traditionally... read more »
London Times, Aug. 26, 1878. On this date in 1878,* Odessa nihilist Ivan Kovalsky was shot by directive of a military tribunal. A “propaganda of... read more »
August 13 is marked as Patriots’ Day in the Indian state of Manipur for the execution on that date in 1891 of Prince Bir Tikendrajit. The Kingdom... read more »
On this date in 1806, 63-year-old Josiah Burnham hanged for murder in New Hampshire. Eight days before Christmas in 1805, Burnham, a noted local churl... read more »
Regular users may already be aware that following a recent security incident affecting the servers on which the websites are hosted, Old Bailey... read more »
From the Philadelphia Inquirerer, Aug. 12, 1869: Special Despatch to the Inquirer. STROUDSBURG, Pa., Aug. 11, 1869. — Charles Orme, one of the murderers... read more »
Tents accommodated the 63rd Regiment when it arrived at Port Arthur in September 1830. More permanent accommodation was constructed soon after with a timber... read more »
On this date in 1916, Italian nationalist and sailor Nazario Sauro was hanged by an Austro-Hungarian military court in Pula, Croatia. Born in the Habsburg-controlled... read more »
The Roman martyrology distinguishes August 9 as the feast date of several minor ancient saints of questionable veracity purportedly martyred by the persecutions... read more »
Did England ever have a “tradition” allowing lighter punishments for men who killed unfaithful wives?  Posted by Krista Kesselring; 8... read more »
Italy today might be the capital of the anti-capital punishment movement; it’s turned the Roman Colosseum — whose thirsty sands once drank... read more »
Mantua, August 10 A Dangerous Conspiracy was happily discovered here; the Author of it M. Nicholas Bighelini, took a Plan of the weakest Parts of this... read more »
Please join us on 5 September 2016.   read more »
A very unusual Romanesque church built in 1839-41 to a design of convict architect James Blackburn from very finely tooled local white freestone. Few travelers... read more »
From the Leeds Northern Star and Leeds General Advertiser, Aug. 10, 1844; NOTTINGHAM, AUGUST 7. — This morning (Wednesday) being the day fixed for... read more »
Vietnam on this date in 2013 made its first-ever use of lethal injection for the execution of Nguyen Anh Tuan. Anh Tuan robbed and murdered a woman in... read more »