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Shia cleric Sheikh Fazlollah Noori was hanged by Iran’s Constitutionalist government on this date in 1909. We’ve observed previously the convulsions... read more »
A few crime links that have taken my interest this month. Where is Xavier Dupont De Ligonnės? This French case grabbed my attention a few years ago... read more »
Covenanter David Hackston was drawn and quartered at the Tolbooth on this date in 1680, for participating in the assassination of the hated (by Covenanters)... read more »
Royal Army Clothing Factory 21/6/1918 during a visit by King George V and Queen Mary (IMW collection) On Wednesday 28 July 1875 Emma Leven was... read more »
On this date in 1869, two men of the aboriginal Hesquiat nation of Vancouver Island off British Columbia’s Pacific coast were hanged outside their... read more »
A strange tale for today – one that made the headlines on this day in 1919. Sergeant William Henry Ring was a young soldier, originally from South... read more »
The most recent execution in Trinidad and Tobago occurred on this date in 1999. A month after the much higher-profile hangings of crime boss Dole Chadee... read more »
Marxist philosopher and French Resistance figure Valentin Feldman was shot on this date in 1942, but he went out with an epic own of his firing squad:... read more »
Andrew of Phu Yen, the Catholic protomartyr of Vietnam, was executed on this date in 1644 at Ke Cham. Baptized with his mother in 1641 by French missionary... read more »
The Confession of REBECCA WEST, daughter to Anne West of Colchester in ESSEX. The said Rebecca confessed at the Barre, that about Shrovetide last her mother... read more »
Contract killer Allen Wayne Janecka was executed in Texas on this date in 2003. This bearer of the classic middle name was the instrument and the last... read more »
He has gone to his death through an oversight on my part. It was a foolish thing for me to have drawn the revolver, but I was in liquor or I would have... read more »
An incident in the Revolutionary War of America (The Fraser Highlanders at Stone Ferry) – Robert Ronald McIan (1854) Robert McIan probably thought... read more »
Dr. Perry H. Talbott was among the most prominent citizens of Nodaway County, Missouri. In addition to being a skilled physician, Talbott was state legislator,... read more »
(Thanks to Captain Charles Johnson — perhaps a pseudonym for Daniel Defoe — for the guest post. It was originally part of Chapter XI “Of... read more »
Given the Victorians’ love of animals and the efforts (from 1824) of the RSPCA to stamp out animal cruelty, I was a little surprised to see that... read more »
Dutch revolt general Lancelot van Brederode was beheaded on this date in 1573, bequeathing posterity the gorgeous ruin of his sacked castle. Lancelot... read more »
This testimonial refers to an incident at the Auschwitz concentration camp. Those hanged were Poles from a forced-labor detail suffering collective punishment... read more »
East German frigate captain Winfried Baumann was shot on this date in 1980 as a spy. He and a collaborator, Dr. Christa-Karin Schumann,* were caught by... read more »
Fulgencio Yegros was executed on this date in 1821. Yegros (English Wikipedia entry | Spanish) was one of the key conspirators in the 1811 mutiny that... read more »
Slaves on a West Indian plantation being freed following passage of the Slavery Abolition Act (1833) Assaults were prosecuted frequently in London’s... read more »
The ‘murder record’ for July 1919, from the Daily Herald of 29 July that year. read more »
Thief Elisabetha Gassner (English Wikipedia entry | German) was beheaded in Oberdischingen by executioner Xaver Vollmer on this date in 1788. Gassner... read more »
Filipino politician/guerrilla/national hero Wenceslao Vinzons was executed by the occupying Japanese on this date in 1942. He gained prominence as a Manila... read more »
This morning in Terre Haute, Indiana, like the French guillotine making its way to the western front, America’s twilight men saluted Bastille Day... read more »
Patrick Eugene Joseph Prendergast, a madman who assassinated the mayor of Chicago, was hanged on this date in 1894. Prendergast seems to have been a mentally... read more »
The slave Gullah* Jack was executed by South Carolina on this date in 1822, for his involvement in Denmark Vesey‘s attempted rebellion. Angola-born,... read more »
On this date in 1667, the uncle of the sessei — think Chief Minister or Grand Vizier — of the Ryukyu Kingdom covering the island chain south... read more »
“The war has done great good for some persons, it has taught them discipline, and made honest and honourable men of people who started badly. But... read more »
The aptly named Christopher Slaughterford hanged on this date in 1709 — condemned, quite possibly wrongfully, for murdering his fiancee Jane Young.... read more »
Anyone familiar with print culture in the nineteenth century will probably be able to testify to its underlying racism expressed most often in statements... read more »
The Illustrated Police News, exactly a century ago this week, had one story dominating its front page.* This was the death of two individual in Essex that... read more »
(Thanks for the guest post to Abraham Johnstone, who is … also the subject of the guest post. This was originally published, posthumously of course,... read more »
The Demerara rebellion of 1823 On 26 July 1832 there was an unusual appearance at the Marlborough Street Police court. A man named only as ‘Burgess’... read more »
On this date in 1986, Malaysia hanged Australian nationals Brian Chambers and Kevin Barlow for trafficking heroin. The two men were nabbed together at... read more »
On this date in 1961, Edwin Bush was hanged at Pentonville Prison. On March 3 of that same year, he’d stabbed to death an assistant at a Loondon... read more »
Posted by Krista J. Kesselring, 6 July 2020. Facing the prospect of executions resuming for federal prisoners in the U.S., one might well reflect on past... read more »
The only Canadian soldier to be executed during (… actually well after!) World War II, Harold Pringle, caught a fusillade in Italy on this date... read more »
Italian Risorgimento martyr Pietro Fortunato Calvi was hanged on this date in 1855 in Mantua. The son of a Paduan police commissioner when that province... read more »
Lieutenant Colonel Saburo Aizawa was shot on this date in 1936. The Aizawa Incident — an assassination — emerged from the conflict between... read more »
Bathsheba Spooner, the first woman executed* in the post-Declaration of Independence (i.e., post-July 4, 1776) United States. The daughter of one of Massachusetts’s... read more »
Wellcome Collection This is a post about how a random name in an archive can take you on a journey that brings a family centuries ago to life; it involves... read more »
The difference between a fixed trader – generally but not always a shopkeeper – and a costermonger became the key distinction in a case heard... read more »
Christian reformer Martin Luther composed his hymn “Ein neues Lied wir heben an” (literally “A new song we raise” but commonly... read more »