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By Michaela Ann Cameron A Silver-Tongued Servant “You’re a dirty, disagreeable, detrimental little devil — a foul mouthed evil-speaking,... read more »
Australia’s First Purpose-Built Female Factory By Michaela Ann Cameron Originally published on The Dictionary of Sydney (2015) The Parramatta Female... read more »
Australia’s First Female Factory By Michaela Ann Cameron Originally published on The Dictionary of Sydney (2015) Australia’s first Female Factory... read more »
By Michaela Ann Cameron Originally published on The Dictionary of Sydney (2015) This princely park began its life as a pauper… Prince Alfred Park,... read more »
(Thanks for today’s guest post to anti-clerical Enlightenment polemicist Voltaire, whose intervention in (and caustic commentary upon) death penalty... read more »
This date in 1741 marked the first official execution for the alleged New York slave conspiracy of 1741. Nineteen days before, two slaves named Caesar... read more »
Around 1837, a stone cottage referred to as the “Police Office” on the 1838 subdivisional plan of Pontville was erected on a site overlooking... read more »
On this date in 2013, serial child molester turned murderer Elmer Carroll was executed by lethal injection in Florida. Paroled to a halfway house in 1990... read more »
China The People’s Court of Gansu executed former elementary school teacher Li Jishun for a spree of sexually assaulting 26 girls ages 4 to 12 in... read more »
The Forge Valley is a dramatic gorge created during the ice age. Human settlement in the area of our walk takes the form of the twin villages of East and... read more »
This research traced individual offenders as far forwards and backwards in their life as records allowed. These offenders were sampled from the Old Bailey... read more »
  Overview: This event was occasioned by the decommissioning of the early nineteenth-century HMP Canterbury Prison in 2013, along with its imminent... read more »
Orelesitse Thokamolelo caught six death sentences in Botswana for slaughtering six family members, and on this date in 2013 he suffered the first of them... read more »
I’ve been an avid reader most of my life, but have often shunned novels set in the past. My antenna is tuned in for anachronisms or generalisations,... read more »
While Executed Today does not aspire to walk the daily news beat, our eight-plus years on the scene have tracked an ample quantity of hangings, shootings,... read more »
While Executed Today does not aspire to walk the daily news beat, our eight-plus years on the scene have tracked an ample quantity of hangings, shootings,... read more »
Mehdi Farahj was hanged in Qazvin on this date in 2011 for a rape-murder spree that claimed five women’s lives. Iranian photographer Ebrahim Noroozi... read more »
On this date in 1726, two men hanged on Dublin’s St. Stephen’s Green. We meet these men, as we often do in this period, through the cheap hang-day... read more »
November 4th 1804, Lieutenant Colonel William Paterson, and a fleet of ships HMS Buffalo, HMS Lady Nelson, the Francis & the Integrity, entered the... read more »
On this date in 1935, one of the all-time great names in American gallows history hanged at California’s Folsom Prison for one of the all-time crimes... read more »
Poster designed and created by Emma D Watkins (Graphs by Dr. Richard Ward) Twitter: @emmadwatkins / Blog: read more »
Poster created for the Festival for Arts and Humanities Sheffield 22/05/2016   Poster designed and created by Emma Deborah Watkins (Graphs by Dr.... read more »
On this date in 1699 the robber prince Nikol List was broken on the wheel in the town of Celle — along with seven other members of his gang. A former... read more »
Much of my research centres on the blurry lines between public and private in the mid-twentieth century. My thesis and ongoing research on working-class... read more »
Four French soldiers of the 96th Régiment d’Infanterie were shot 100 years ago today for resisting an order to return to their World War I... read more »
My new article, ‘“I am not very well I feel nearly mad when I think of you”: Male Jealousy, Murder and Broadmoor in Late-Victorian... read more »
The orginal stone dwelling at the rear of this property was built by Edward Randall and Thomas Croxton (Stonemason) in 1842. In 1852, ownership transferred... read more »
On this day in 1650, James Graham, Earl of Montrose, was hanged in Edinburgh. The tragic “Great Montrose” was renowned for his tactical genius... read more »
At common law, married women could avoid being convicted of certain offences simply by the fact that they were married. Coverture meant that women were,... read more »
On May 20, 1691, Captain Mark Baggot was hanged as a spy in Dublin. Baggot had maintained loyalty to King James II when that sovereign was deposed in the... read more »
From the 16th century tome of Protestant martyrology, Foxe’s Book of Martyrs — with evocative original Early Modern English from the 1570 edition.... read more »
On this date in 1548, Giulio Cybo was beheaded in Genoa for plotting against his father-in-law Andrea Doria. Cybo (English Wikipedia entry | Italian) was... read more »
Designed by W.W. Eldridge and built at the Evandale State School in 1889. The building is a fine single storey brick Gothic Revival schoolhouse built in... read more »
On this date in 1649, Oliver Cromwell had three leaders of his army’s working-class Levellers movement shot against the walls of Burford church.... read more »
I have often written about irresistible impulse, the alienist-defined condition for excusing a crime. Two articles recently unearthed - one from the... read more »
On the Baha’i calendar, this date in 1849 marked the martyrdom of Quddus. The 18th and last of the “Letters of the Living” comprising... read more »
William Sawyer hanged on this date in 1815* at London’s Newgate Gaol for a murder he committed while in Portugal. Dispatched to Iberia during the... read more »
by Kellie Moss   Captain Stirling’s exploring party 50 miles up the Swan River, Western Australia, March, 1827 read more »
Virtually, every settlement in Australian had a church, the overwhelming majority of which were in the Gothic style. This neo-Gothic style church was commissioned... read more »
Purple prose for a broken neck from the San Francisco Bulletin of May 14, 1873. Transcribed below is only the first third of the article — the remainder... read more »
An advert offering a reward for apprehending Henry Ball’s killer (Salisbury Journal, 19/6/1815, from the British Newspaper Archive) Poor Henry Ball.... read more »
On this date in 1619, Dutch stadtholder Maurice of Orange beheaded his political and religious rival jurist Johan van Oldenbarnevelt. Both men had in their... read more »
Robert Smith hanged in Dumfries on this date in 1868 — the last man publicly executed in Scotland* before the advent of private hangings later that... read more »
Beginning on this May 11th, and scattered depressingly over the coming weeks, we revisit New York City’s great terrorist panic … of 1741.... read more »
The first executions for New York’s 1741 fires took place on this date in 1741, several weeks before any others. They were two slaves of regal name:... read more »
William Doyne was trained in civil engineering in England on the London South Western Railway and later worked on the construction of a railway near Hamburg... read more »
Colonial counterfeiter Owen Syllavan (Sullivan) was executed in New York on this date in 1756. An Irish runaway, Syllavan followed an indenture to the... read more »
On this date in 1800, French Canadiens Joseph Baker (anglicized from Joseph Boulanger), Peter Peterson (LeCroix), and Joseph Berouse hanged in Philadelphia... read more »
This cottage retains the name of its most famous occupant, William Smith O’Brien, a member of the British parliament and leader of the Young Ireland... read more »
(Thanks to Robert Walsh for the guest post. Mr. Walsh’s home page has a trove of articles about historical executions, including another American... read more »