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This building was designed by Everard James Blackburn who later went on to survey Melbourne and was founder of that city’s water supply. It was completed... read more »
A century ago today, an Indian Muslim named Kassim Ismail Mansoor was hanged by the British in Singapore as a traitor. The treason in question concerned... read more »
On May 30, 1806, Polly Barclay of Wilkes County, Georgia was “taken by a proper officer to a gallows previously to be erected in or near the town... read more »
A Moral Dilemma: whether to hang an innocent man?In the summer of 1848, Charles Burton picked up a razor and, first, cut the throat of his loving wife,... read more »
Wilkes-Barre Times, May 29, 1899. On this date in 1899, Adrian Braun was electrcuted at Sing Sing. Braun was a hulking German cigar-maker with a reputation... read more »

Gloucester County Prison held both male and female inmates from its opening in 1791 until the early 1900s, when it became and all-male establishment. In... read more »
On this date* in 1879, would-be regicide Alexander Soloviev was hanged Soloviev (English Wikipedia entry | Russian), a Narodnik revolutionary, was one... read more »
The population of the New Norfolk settlement had been reliant on river transport for supplies which came up the Derwent from Hobart. The river divided... read more »
Three perpetrators of Europe’s most spectacular terrorist attack were hanged on this date in 1925 in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia — after... read more »
England held its last-ever public execution on this date in 1868, and made it big game indeed: Fenian Michael Barrett, whose Clerkenwell Prison bombing... read more »
Addressing convict transportation –the key feature in the Carceral Archipelago project – implies multi-sited research, that is, research in... read more »
Inhabiting though we do a world which promises an unending war on it, we have a devil of a time merely defining the word “terrorism”. Efforts... read more »
Pawel Tuchlin, whose eight-year serial murder spree earned him the nickname “the Scorpion”, was hanged on this date in 1987 — the second-last... read more »
Businessman Mahafarid Amir Khosravi, once the wealthiest man in Iran, was hanged one year ago today for embezzling $2.6 billion. Khosravi rocketed up the... read more »
By the late 1850 read more »
Freedom-fighting Polish priest Stanislaw Brzoska was hanged in the marketplace of Sokolow Podlaski. A young firebrand who had already served time in a... read more »
On or about this date in 1929, Russian railway magnate Nikolaus (Nikolai) Karlovich von Meck was shot as a saboteur. Von Meck (Russian link) had the iron... read more »
If you’re coming here by way of The Marshall Project piece I wrote about psychologist and Cook County Jail administrator Winston Moore, welcome!... read more »
Minutes after midnight this date in 1912, a desexed preacher’s troubled concupiscence was at last abated by the Massachusetts mercy seat. Some demon... read more »
From the public-domain An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales From Its First Settlement, in January 1788, to August 1801 (pdf): April 1799 On... read more »
The block of land that these two cottages sit on was originally granted to John Goulder, a freed convict in 1839. Goulder had previously settled on the... read more »
This date in 1865 was the originally scheduled hanging of Indiana pro-slavery gadfly Lambdin P. Milligan — a sentence respited two days prior by... read more »
In this blog post I will be looking at Henry Tyrel's followers. I spoke about Henry in two of my previous posts and as you now know he caused murder and... read more »
(Via) A pitiless mother, that most unnaturally at one time murdered two of her own children, at Acton within six miles from London, upon Holy Thursday... read more »
Beware, trust not in the vanity of the world, and especially in the flattering of the court … if I had followed God’s word in deed as I did... read more »
The Government Gardens are a stunning formal garden where you can trace the steps of the ladies and officers who resided at Port Arthur and strolled along... read more »
All stories from issues of the Maryland Gazette, datelined Annapolis. (via) Though not explicit in any of these stories, the attack by Catholic servants... read more »
(Thanks to Meaghan Good of the Charley Project for the guest post. -ed.) On this date in 1945, in Le Mans, France, Pvt. George Green Jr. of the 998th Quartermaster... read more »
Algerian rebel Areski El Bachir was guillotined on this date in 1895 at Azazga with five of his companions. Our man emerged in the 1880s bedeviling the... read more »
The Reverend John Burrows B.A., the first Chaplain of Pontville, Van Diemans Land 1840-1876 was instrumental during his latter years in having the Church... read more »
Peter Stout hanged on this date at the courthouse of Monmouth, New Jersey for axing 14-year-old Thomas Williams to death when the youth, “the unhappy... read more »
osing his head on May 12, 1543 made Jakob Karrer von Gebweiler’s name in the annals of art and and medicine. The remains of the Basel felon —... read more »
Today is the centennial of Basanta Kumar Biswas‘s execution for the Delhi-Lahore conspiracy. Said conspiracy was a project several years running... read more »
Brough Hill Fair, Appleby Fair A railway company poster advertising excursions to the fair. Next month, we shall be visiting the annual Appleby Fair, which... read more »
Women in Hobart, Tasmania recall their convict ancestors. read more »
In the late Victorian and early Edwardian period, roughly ten years either side of the turn of the 20th century, there was a substantial social change... read more »
Nine men and one notorious women died at Tyburn on this date in 1726 at a more than usually raucous execution-day. “At the Place of Execution, Map... read more »
On this date in 1885, a vast concourse crowded into Morganfield, Ky. for the satisfaction of seeing the hated Mose Caton hang. Caton was a Union County,... read more »
In 1900, a Pimlico hairdresser and waiter sought a divorce from his wife, on the grounds of adultery. His wife seems to have been a busy woman –... read more »
This lovely building was originally built by convicts for James Jackson in the early 1840's. Jackson had been transported to the colony in 1823 and ultimately... read more »
From late eighteenth century onwards newspapers were the premier medium through which ‘the vast majority of the… population gained most... read more »
(Thanks to Robert Elder of Last Words of the Executed — the blog, and the book — for the guest post. This post originally appeared on the Last... read more »
As any writer who deals in biography or biographic histories read more »
A previous blog post outlined how crime records are among the read more »
Italian mercenary Francesco Bussone da Carmagnola was beheaded on this date in 1432. The successful condottiero was defined by a mixture of battlefield... read more »
J C Bucknill (after Wikimedia Commons)This latest post has been prompted by a request to talk on the subject of this blog...Without doubt, one of the key... read more »
It might have been this date in 1685* that the famously speedy highwayman John Nevison (or William Nevison) was hauled to York’s gallows on the Knavesmire... read more »
  In a previous blog, I wrote on the theme of the politics of comparison, of the connected history of circulation and mobility that underpins the... read more »