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The reforms proposed by Justice Secretary Chris Grayling filled news headlines today. His objective is clear. To make prisons, tougher on inmates, and... read more »
My colleague Steve Marti recently came up with the idea to do a history podcast here at Western. He has based it on the BBC Radio 4 series “The Unbelievable... read more »
A guest post by Helen Rogers Last Friday (26 April 2013) the Bank of England announced it is replacing the image of Elizabeth Fry on its five pound note... read more »
Just a quick reminder, as it seems somehow newly relevant: Harvard professor Steven Pinker, who last week landed in third place on Prospect magazine's... read more »
Thursday, 26 April 1928: 5th sitting of the coroner's inquest, in Coleford.Testimony from acquaintances of the Paces continues, with two fellow patients... read more »
Reblogged from The Victorian Commons: For historians of the Victorian House of Commons, there is perhaps no richer source for throwing light on the political... read more »
Early Modern Resources is going to change. The site has been accumulating content for more than a decade now without changing significantly in its functions... read more »
Thursday, 19 April 1928: 4th sitting of the coroner's inquest, in Coleford.Testimony is given by a variety of friends and acquaintances of Beatrice and... read more »
Wednesday, 18 April 1928: 3rd sitting of the coroner's inquest, in Coleford.The inquest hears testimony from Gertude Pace (Leonard Pace's wife), who -... read more »
One of the difficult things about studying detectives is that they can be difficult to define. What is a detective? Is it someone who does what we in the... read more »
It seems worth taking a few moments to reflect on the weekend’s blogging – it was wonderful to read so many stories and experiences. I was... read more »
In this anniversary year of the Old Bailey Online, I thought I would take the opportunity to reflect on my use of the Old Bailey Proceedings and to consider... read more »
Whilst excellent research has been published on the forgery of notes in early nineteenth century Britain (particularly by Randall McGowen), the broader... read more »
One day towards the end of the last millennium, a pair of historians of early modern London hatched a crazy plan to digitise a massive and obscure (to... read more »
Some ways to participate in the Blog Event* – whether you plan to contribute a blog post or just want to follow the action. (You can simply email... read more »
Thursday, 12 April 1928: 2nd sitting of the coroner's inquest, in Coleford.A newspaper photograph of Harry's brother, Elton PaceTestimony is given by Elton... read more »
Click image to read more Early American Criminals Constable Mr. Van Gelder was just about to abandon his search. He had recently been sent to New Haven,... read more »