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By Cassie Watson; posted 31 March 2022. Recent events have called unwelcome attention to the Metropolitan Police, whose approach to tackling police... read more »
Just a couple of links for you this month, as I’ve been a bit too busy with work to read too much! Firstly, I wrote a blog post for International Women’s... read more »
Posted by Coleman A. Dennehy, 13 March 2022 Whilst many aspects of the state as we would understand it today were more likely under-developed if they... read more »
Usually, when the press mentioned a ‘disgusting’ or ‘abhorrent’ crime, sex was involved. It could be sodomy, it could be buggery with an animal,... read more »
Since Grace McIntosh first appeared in the Criminal Portraits blog, many more details about her life have been discovered which are now included in this... read more »