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Here are some of the crime history and true crime articles I’ve read this month. The Bootlace Murders in Great Yarmouth, 1912 Mugshots of Law –... read more »
By Cassie Watson; posted 28 March 2021. Our ability to research the history of crime is expanding at a remarkable rate, as more and more legal documents... read more »
It was a Tuesday morning in the summer of 1860 when Hannah Holmes answered the charge of murder against her, her clear voice proclaiming “Not guilty!”... read more »
 The ten year sentence that Margaret Hendry received at the Circuit Court in Aberdeen in September 1864 appears completely disproportionate to her... read more »
Anyone who has ever been in the position of taking a large sum of money to or from the bank will know the accompanying sensation of vulnerability along... read more »
James Hunter has previously appeared in this blog, albeit a younger, better looking version with more hair. On that occasion he had been sentenced... read more »
In 1930 and 1931, three girls were killed in separate incidents in the south-east of England. Only one case ever saw a murderer convicted – but could... read more »