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Excited to have contributed to this piece of important reporting- “How your local jail became hell” by Ryan L. Cooper of read more »
The Derbyshire village of Heage achieved a bit of lasting notoriety with the triple hanging on this date in 1843 of three of its felonious sons: Samuel... read more »
The Martyrdom of Bishop Farrar [sic] by Ted Hughes Burned by Bloody Mary‘s Men at Caermarthen “If I flinch from the pain of the burning, believe... read more »
The names of the Roman Empire’s various client kings are, when not utterly lost to history, deeply obscure to a present-day general audience. The... read more »
During the 19th century, the Temperance movement slowly developed throughout the British Empire and was based on concerns about the increasing numbers... read more »
At the Police History Society conference, September 2014 As some of you know, I present read more »
The frontier town Tombstone, Arizona saw its first legal hanging on this date in 1884 — and its second, third, fourth, and fifth besides. On the... read more »
The press was agog in 1899, when it heard about Agnes Roselle Ingrouville. read more »
LEBANON, Tenn., March 27. — Mack Francis and James Turney, negroes, were hanged at 12.23 this afternoon for the murder of Lew Martin last summer.... read more »
On this date in 1822, Hannah Halley went to the gallows at Derby for murdering her newborn child — by the gruesome expedient of pouring scalding... read more »
George Cudmore was on March 25, 1830 executed at Devon County Gaol, the present-day site of Exeter Prison. Wanting to run off with his mistress, Cudmore... read more »
St Peters Church of England at Hamilton is one of the oldest existing churches in Australia, and even pre-dates the founding of Melbourne. Built of freestone... read more »
Austria’s last execution took place on this date in 1950. Johann Trnka, murderer of a 51-year-old widow and her maid — the late Hermine Kolle’s... read more »
On March 23, 1761, British highwayman Isaac Darkin — “Dumas” by a dashing alias — hanged at Oxford for robbery. It might be Darkin’s... read more »
On this date in 1864, Kastus Kalinouski was hanged in a public square in Vilnius. A peasant revolutionary from the European frontiers of tsarism, Kalinouski... read more »
Lyons Cottage was the early home of the Honourable Joseph Aloysius (Joe) Lyons.  Lyons was Premier of Tasmania between 1921 and 1928.  He went... read more »
A very quick post to note that I have an article in this volume, based on my presentation at the first Our Criminal Past event in 2013. But there’s... read more »
On this date in 1791, the Inquisition in Rome condemned magician Alessandro Cagliostro to death — a sentence immediately commuted to imprisonment... read more »
A Double Execution. Woodcut from Hindley’s “Curiosities of Street Literature” (1871), p.372. (Accessed via Google Books) Recently I was... read more »
In 1839, a rather ludicrous case was heard at the Drumcondra Petty Sessions in Dublin regarding a goat stolen from a former policeman read more »
Dutch artisan Sikke Freriks, beheaded on this date in 1531 in Leeuwarden‘s market, was the first Anabaptist put to death in that Friesland city. While... read more »
In what by this week’s measure constitutes a slackening pace, Pakistan hanged four more prisoners today, all for murder: Gulistan Zaman, Abdul Sattar,... read more »
Today, one day after hanging 12 of its 8,000 condemned prisoners, Pakistan extended its newfound mass-execution campaign. Nine more men went to the gallows... read more »
Today I am presenting one of my dissertation chapters at the Penn DCC workshop. When I first came across the story of Winston Moore, I was considering... read more »
The Star Inn was first licensed in 1839 and was sited about three doors down from Molle Street on the northern side of Goulburn Street. The Star Inn appears... read more »
Repudiating its former death penalty moratorium with bombast, the government of Pakistan hanged 12 men today. From 2008 to 2014, Pakistan while continuing... read more »
Little secret has been made of the difficulties faced by Irish immigrants in Victorian England. More than a century and a half ago when England was a less... read more »
In modern day Australia there are two key heritage read more » aerial photo of the House of Correction In Philadelphia, there is news that the city read more »
Two inconsistent versions of a mass-murderer’s moniker in this American colonial news dispatch* can hardly detract from the horror of Jamaica’s... read more »
Martha Stracey or Tracey hanged at Tyburn on this date in 1745 for assaulting a man named Will Humphreys and robbing him of one single guinea a few months... read more »
The Green Ponds Store was built about 1840 by William Henry Ellis, an emancipated convict who had been transported for embezzlement. Ellis amassed a considerable... read more »
On this date in 1610, Henry Paine was executed on the island of Bermuda for mutiny. Paine arrived on the island most unfortunately on the Sea Venture,... read more »
  This tantalisingly brief piece in the Preston Guardian of 14 March 1846 caught my attention as I was searching for something else. The relative... read more »
In an admittedly borderline “execution”, Louis de Bourbon, the Hugueunot Prince of Conde, was killed summarily at the end of the Battle of... read more »
David Cobb, Private, Company C, 827th Engineer Battalion (Aviation), on March 12, 1943 achieved the milestone distinction of becoming the first U.S. soldier... read more »
Acting on impulse: James Hill and his nephew's headWhen James Hill cut off his nephew's head, he was said to be suffering from homicidal mania and impulsive... read more »
Igo Sym tickles the ivories in Zona i nie zona (Wife and No Wife) … his last role. On this date in 1941, the Germans occupying Poland took revenge... read more »
John Lee Archer (1791-1852), architect and engineer, was born on 26 April 1791, the only son of John Archer, an engineer of County Tipperary and Dublin,... read more »
On this date in 1899, Cordelia Poirier was hanged in Ste. Scholastique, Quebec with her lover Samuel Parslow.* Cordelia Viau by her maiden name, the femme... read more »
In her last blog (, Clare Anderson... read more »
Radical Hussite Jan Zelivsky was beheaded on this date in 1422. 1952 memorial plaque of Zelivsky in Prague Zelivsky (English Wikipedia entry | Czech),... read more »
On this date in 1715, the legendary outlaw Filip Mengstein was broken on the wheel in Dresden’s marketplace, along with four henchmen. With the wiseguy... read more »
The roots of St John read more »
Building the Carceral State: Cook County Jail and the Local Origins of Mass Incarceration read more »
On this date in 1884, a Louisiana man named Noah Jackson was hanged at Lake Providence for beating in the brains of his 15-year-old wife during a fit of... read more »
William Swaine was a Hertfordshire farmer, who had grown accustomed to the help of his young niece around his Stevenage farm. She had been living with... read more »
On this day last year, Al-Qaeda’s Ansar Al-Sharia group (Partisans of Islamic Law) executed an alleged American spy in the town of Shahr, in southeast... read more »
Missing Since 12th Jan 2015This historic Stone Horse Trough is one of the few remaining horse troughs still in its original position close to the road.... read more »
This beautifully restored cottage is a wonderful part of the New Norfolk streetscape. It dates from about 1830 and from what I can understand, since being... read more »