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Thursday, 29 March 1928: The coroner's inquest into Harry Pace's death - adjourned since 16 January - finally resumes. Testimony is given by Leonard Pace... read more »
March is Women’s History Month, so here are some links/resources, and a reading list of publications that use the Old Bailey Online as a source,... read more »
Saturday, 17 March 1928: the Scotland Yard detectives, Cornish and Campion, return to London. Cornish submits a forty-nine page report to his superiors... read more »
Meeting with Julia Mulligan, Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire. Settle, 15 March 2013 The overall... read more »
We provide a simple form for logged-in users of Old Bailey Online to report errors they find in our transcripts, wherever you can see the ‘Add a... read more »
Wednesday, 14 March 1928: Beatrice goes to Coleford and meets again with the detectives. She makes her third, and final, official statement to the police. read more »
The main part of the proposal I submitted to the Open Humanities Awards went something like this: Since late 2011 I have been archiving tweets containing... read more »
The punishment of forcing convicts to step on a treadmill–a large, long rotating cylinder with steps attached along the outside–failed to take... read more »
Esther Waters (George Moore, 1894) is a surprising but interesting choice for the BBC Radio 4 Sunday afternoon serial. read more »
Sunday, 11 March, 1928: Inspector Bent goes to Rose Cottage to request that Beatrice meet with the detectives in Coleford. Beatrice spends a long day... read more »
Following on from my Friday interview on BBC Radio Gloucestershire (follow that link if you'd like to listen), there were two events on Saturday related... read more »
Friday, 9 March 1928: From an article printed in the Dean Forest Guardian under the title 'The Fetter Hill Mystery': 'In an interview with a reporter... read more »
For those of you who were unable to listen live to my interview today with Anna King on BBC Radio Gloucestershire, it's available on the station's website... read more »
Thursday, 8 March 1928: Scotland Yard detectives Cornish and Campion begin interviewing various people connected to the case, beginning with members... read more »
International women’s day – formally international working women’s day – is the yearly celebration of the political, economic,... read more »