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Thomas Sanders was hanged on this date in 1862 at Melbourne Gaol. An ex-con at Norfolk Island, Sanders took to the bush with another man named John Johnson... read more »
Research Brief 25 Among the lighter sentences awarded to those convicted in the Victorian Supreme Court in the nineteenth century was that of ten days... read more »
5 February 1840 Charles Lewis Redwood stands at the helm, steering the St Leonard into the Yare. He remembers the tightening of his stomach the last time... read more »
When The Day of the Dead rolls around it’s time to break out the candles for another birthday, somehow Executed Today‘s ninth since it entered... read more »
Little Drummond Street in 1827 John Cein appears to have a been a callous individual, however you look at it. Cein was a tailor who worked for a Mr Cave... read more »
On this date in 1857, “the great southern land pirate” James Copeland went to the gallows in the now-abandoned Mississippi town of Augusta.... read more »
In October 1849 Henry and Margaret Joyce were summoned to the Clerkenwell Police Court to be be charged with assault by Henry Herrick. The Joyces ran an... read more »
An Anglican church was planned for Hadspen in the late 1850s. Thomas Reibey had WG & E Habershon of London draw up plans in 1857.The building's design... read more »
On this date in 1543, a young nobleman named Pietro Fatinelli executed for plotting to overthrow the mercantile oligarchy of the Tuscan city-state Lucca.... read more »
One disturbing report from the London papers on this day in 1888 reads reminds of the panic caused by the actions of an unknown killer on the streets of... read more »
It's on its way…!The brand new title, Mad or Bad. Crime and Insanity in Victorian Britain (Pen & Sword History) is due to be published... read more »
  At Westminster Police Court a ‘middle-aged Irish woman’ named Johanna Hearne was brought to the bar. PC Edwards (241A) was... read more »
Pakistani army Capt. Arshad Jameel (or Jamil) was hanged at Hyderabad Prison 20 years ago today. Capt. Jameel exploited a security sweep to orchestrate... read more »
This date in 1905 was — in the title of the Manatee County Historical Society publication about the case — The Day They Hanged Ed Lamb in Braidentown/Bradentown/Bradenton.... read more »
In 1871, a group of men – hereditary chiefs of the Six Nations of the Grand River – met with anthropologist Horatio Hale in the town of Brantford,... read more »
Readers last week will know that I was giving a talk last Friday at a conference in Northumberland. Given that I like to share my work I thought I’d... read more »
When Frank Wilcox, a boot finisher who lived in the Old Kent Road, visited Middlesex Street market (better know to us as ‘Petticoat Lane’)... read more »
Jeffrey Landrigan was executed in Arizona for murder on this date in 2010 — via an imprt drug that made his case a recent landmark in the ongoing... read more »
Edward Coleburn won the 1718 by-election for alderman of the ward of Mancroft in the city of Norwich, beating his opponent William Chamberlayne by 28 votes.... read more »
In a previous blog post, I briefly mentioned the role that the time of the day played in arrests and detection of ‘suspicious behaviour’ on... read more »
One of the issues the BBC Series that the Victorian Slum dealt with this week was the impounding of costermongers’ barrow, effectively depriving... read more »
On this date in 1770, inveterate burglar William Linsey was hanged in Worcester, Mass. Linsey never killed anyone but just couldn’t lay off the thieving... read more »
Below is the short – 20 minute long – talk I gave at the Radical Histories / Histories of Radicalism conference at the beginning of July. I... read more »
The Digital Panopticon project is linking together a wide variety of criminal justice, genealogical, and biometric records to trace thousands of convict... read more »
We’re looking for someone to help us get the project launched next year! Based in the Humanities Research Institute, you will develop and implement... read more »
Walter Howe and Josiah Flanders were, by all accounts at least, a pair of tearaways. Despite only being 16 years of age Walter had already racked up a... read more »
On this date in 1492, 27 Mecklenburg Jews were burned together outside the gates of the city of Sternberg. Illustration of the burning of the Sternberg... read more »
Between 1848-9 some 14, 137 Londoners died of Cholera. It was the second major outbreak of the disease to hit the capital in the 19th century and... read more »
On this date in 1828, a young printer’s assistant morally corrupted by the theater went to the gallows at York, Upper Canada (soon to become Toronto,... read more »
By Krista Kesselring; posted 23 October 2016. We know that English law did not allow divorce with remarriage throughout the Catholic Middle Ages, and that... read more »
‘Crafting metaphors is dangerous for historians’ proposes Will Pooley. We are wary of metaphor—and other stylistic devices too—because... read more »
Dulwich College c.1869 A large group of workmen were engaged, in October 1867, in work at Dulwich School (also know as Dulwich college). The college had... read more »
Located in the main street and National Estate listed, St Mary's Church of England is a  sandstone Gothic Revival building. It was built to replace... read more »
On this date in 1829, the Slovak outlaw Matej Tatarka was hanged. Tatarka — and most information about this character is in Slovak, as the links... read more »
When Mr Anderson, an optician who traded from premises at 151 High Holborn*, finished his dinner on a Thursday in October 1859, he went through to... read more »
On this date in 1573, miscarried justice took the head of Scottish cavalryman Hugh Cahun in Stockholm. Modernizing in the 16th century, Sweden flattered... read more »
On this date in 1933, Dallas Egan hanged at California’s San Quentin Prison — and pretty much nobody was happier about it than Dallas Egan.... read more »
Joseph White was a charlatan who pretended to be disabled when in reality he was as able-bodied as many another working-class man in late Victorian London.... read more »
(Thanks to Robert Elder of Last Words of the Executed — the blog, and the book — for the guest post. This post originally appeared on the Last... read more »
Great Yarmouth Quarter Sessions, the Tolhouse, 23 June 1841 Head bowed, William John Jarvis grips the top of the wooden stand to steady himself. His legs... read more »
Gaolers are certain to be recurring characters on this blog, and likely to be perennial are questions of why and how individuals became keepers, wardens... read more »
Great Yarmouth Quarter Sessions, the Tolhouse, 23 June 1841 Head bowed, William John Jarvis grips the top of the wooden stand to steady himself. His legs... read more »
Six Britons — Joseph Stackhouse, William Litchfield, John Anning, Joseph Godwin, Joseph Simpson, and George Low, Lowe, or Law — hanged together... read more »
On this date in 1968, Indonesian Lance Corporal Harun Thohir and Sgt. Usman Janatin were hanged in Singapore for bombing the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank... read more »
By Kellie Moss Western Australia welcomed the transportation of convicts in 1850 as a solution to the economic problems which had affected the colony since... read more »
The Anglican Church memorializes the feast of the Oxford Martyrs on October 16 — which also happens to be the date in 1555 that the first and second... read more »
The Great Disruption of 1843 was a division within the established Church of Scotland, in which 450 evangelical ministers of the Church broke away, over... read more »
On this date in 1937, Azerbaijani actress Panfiliya Tanailidi (various other transliterations are possible) was purged during Stalin’s terror. Born... read more »
Four hangings from the four corners of a continental empire darkened American jurisprudence on this date in 1881. Sageville, New York Edward Earl hanged... read more »
In a tale so grippingly sad, the insanity plea worked though the accused was already dead…On 6 September 1893, Mary Jane Farnham(nee Peacock), wife... read more »