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Five men hanged together at Newgate Prison on this date in 1821. All stood convicted of stealing by means of violence. In four cases, they’d deployed... read more »
This is the last in this series of posts from one week in 1884 and I’m going to finish it with a summary of the reports that appeared in the Morning... read more »
26-year-old Leading Aircraftsman Andrew Brown, Prisoner No. 11421, was hanged at Wandsworth prison on Tuesday the 30th of January 1945, by Albert Pierrepoint... read more »
Today I want to compare two separate but related cases heard this week in 1884 before the police magistrate courts of London. Both concern men acting against... read more »
For this date’s post we return to one of our favorite sources, James Kelly’s Gallows Speeches: From Eighteenth-Century Ireland. We have noticed... read more »
Crime fiction is hugely popular, and for every person who wants to read crime fiction, there’s another who wants to write it. In some quarters, there’s... read more »
We know that very many families today struggle to survive even though we have a well established and supposedly thriving economy and the safety net of... read more »
A quartet of revolutionary socialists were executed by the tsarist authorities at Warsaw Citadel on this date in 1886. Poland’s first socialist party... read more »
Since Friday I have been following one week’s ‘police intelligence’ in the London newspapers in 1884, a year which followed the same... read more »
On this date in 1597, Jaakko Ilkka, leader of a great Finnish peasant rebellion called the “Cudgel War”, was put to death at at Old Isonkyron... read more »
A news report last week suggested that Londoners were up in arms because the police had concentrated so much of their attention on knife crime that burglars... read more »
On this date in 1796 the Polish outlaw Jerzy Procpak was executed. Anticipate Polish in all links to follow. It takes a stretch to reckon this avaricious... read more »
The Salvation Army was founded in 1865 but only adopted its current name in 1878, so in January 1884 (the subject of this week’s series of posts)... read more »
On this date in 1358 — during the height of the great peasant rebellion known as the Jacquerie — a bourgeois named or Perrin Mace or Perrin... read more »
This new book, by Louise Wattis, is part of Palgrave Macmillan’s Histories of Gender, Violence and Victimhood series. It is part of a welcome trend... read more »
Today I am going to begin a week of posts all drawn from the equivalent week in 1884 (when the calendar matched with ours). For some context in 1884 Great... read more »
Georgette Thomas was guillotined on this date in 1887 at Romorantin, followed moments later by her husband Sylvain. This farming couple had burned to... read more »
HMS Cornwall, a floating juvenile reformatory As you may know if you are a regular visitor to this blog space, I teach a module on the history of crime... read more »
French Nazi collaborator Angelo Chiappe was shot on this day in 1945. A right-wing legislator and adherent of the fascist Action Francaise movement before... read more »
Smugglers, by G. Morland Readers last week will hopefully remember that I left you on a cliffhanger as we waited to see what would happen to a man that... read more »
Great Windmill Street in the 1850s, London’s entertainment district  Prostitution is a perennial issue for society and one which shows no signs... read more »
All five of the people executed on January 22, 1892, and all four of the victims associated with their various homicides, were African-Americans. From... read more »
In today’s case (from January 1888) a man was summoned for ‘using abusive language’ and inciting a crowd in Deptford. It is interesting... read more »
The headline in the Burnley Express, 14 August 1895, p.4 (from the British Newspaper Archive) Since 1888, the name of ‘Jack the Ripper’... read more »
From the London Times, Jan. 23, 1867, under a January 22 dateline: The two soldiers (Corsicans) who committed a murder and robbery some time since at Neuilly,... read more »
The Grecian Theatre, Shoreditch (1875) – (Islington Public Library) Reginald H. Burkett of 1 Field Court, Gray’s Inn Road was that most ‘pooterish’... read more »
(Thanks to Meaghan Good of the Charley Project for the guest post. -ed.) On this date in 1823, Giles East was hanged for the rape of a girl, Sarah Potter,... read more »
From (here’s a comparable story from CNN, and here from Reuters): The United Nations human rights chief said today she was shocked at... read more »
Not everything that came before the magistrates in London was ‘criminal’; the Metropolitan Police magistracy dealt with a lot of business that... read more »
On this date in 1169, the vizier of Egypt, name of Shawar, was put to summary death as war collapsed the Fatimid Caliphate … a death required to... read more »
might Lewis Wills was a respectable small businessman who ran a trimming workshop in Mile End. At premises in Raven Row he employed a large number of women ... read more »
On this date in 1863, the famed Italian bandit Antonio Locaso was shot in Castellaneta at the tender age of 22. A former goatherd, Locaso supposedly embarked... read more »
Spitalfields (in the early 20th century) by the photographer C. A. Matthew  Sophia Higgins, the wife of a chemist in Spicer Street, Spitalfields was... read more »
On 13th May 1828 Hambry Price was executed in public outside Newgate Prison for the crime of coining, that is making counterfeit coins. He shared the scaffold... read more »
A philosophical Doyle Skillern was executed in Texas on this date in 1985, one of the more galling victims of Texas’s controversial “Law of... read more »
A curious case today, of a man confessing to being involved in a crime that happened some eighteen years before he presented himself in court. John Lane... read more »
Former Haitian president Sylvain Salnave was executed on this date in 1870. Salnave was a general who in 1866 overthrew and replaced president Fabre Geffrard... read more »
For anyone that has read the Famous Five books, or Swallows and Amazons  this story might chime with memories of childhoods past. Today children... read more »
On this date in 1739, two French youths were executed by musketry in the French Louisiana colony for the murder of two Choctaws — a gesture of juridical... read more »
Regular readers of this blog will already know of Lucy Williams’ work – she has been kind enough to write guest posts for me, and those who... read more »
By the 1860s the Metropolitan Police had been established in the capital for a little over three decades. It had been a fairly shaky start, with a large... read more »
Leroy White received a lethal injection in the Huntsville, Alabama death chamber on this date in 2011. White had fatally shotgunned his estranged wife... read more »
A public execution on the roof of Horsemonger Lane prison  Until 1868 executions – the hanging of criminals for murder – took place in... read more »
On this date in 1934 the great Bengal revolutionary Surya Sen was hanged by the British. A schoolteacher affectionately known as “Master Da”,... read more »
Drunk and disorderly was by far the most common offence to be dealt with at the Police courts of the metropolis in the Victorian period. Thousands of men... read more »
The Greek socialite Kyra Frosini was executed in Ioannina on this date in 1800 as an adulteress. Euphrosyne Vasileiou, to use her proper name, was the... read more »
Posted by Krista J. Kesselring, 11 January 2019. Records of cases heard in the early modern English Court of Star Chamber offer us rich insight into everyday... read more »
We’ve met London’s small ‘army’ of flower girls before in this blog. The young women that sold flowers at Covent Garden or St Paul’s... read more »
Heli Freymond lost his head on this date in 1868 to an executioner’s sword — the last time that ever happened in Swiss history. (His is also... read more »
In a break from the daily ‘doings’ of the Metropolitan Police courts I thought I’d take a look at ‘other news’ on the same... read more »