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Francis Harben and George Parr both worked for as a harness maker in Kensington but their relationship wasn’t good. Parr had quarrelled with Harben’s... »
Bermondsey in a contemporary map (Map of London, by W=Edward Weller, 1868) This blog has discussed the Australian gold rush in previous post (see One... »
On this date in 1810, a French officer in Spanish service became an Argentine martyr. Jacques de Liniers — or Santiago de Liniers, in the Hispanized... »
A bit of publicity on the local news always helps, and it was an item on the television about a ghost being spotted by staff at a former Somerset prison... »
London, in fact, knows nothing of real milk, which differs as thoroughly as chalk is unlike cheese, from the spurious stuff we are at present contented... »
On this date in 1306, Scottish patriot Simon Fraser was drawn and quartered in London. This Norman-descended lord was one of the side-switching nobles... »
This is the first of several blog posts I’m going to publish about mews (mewses?) in the coming months. I love these little backstreets. They tend... »
Victorian housekeeper c.1890 Emma Dunlop was employed as a housekeeper at 60 Cleveland Square in Paddington when she noticed a man descend the steps from... »
      In the recently-released film, The Limehouse Golem, one of the flashback scenes depicts a murder victim with her eyes removed (nice,... »

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