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In the 1840s the biggest name in English boxing was Benjamin Caunt. Ben Caunt (pictured below) was one of the first English prize-fighters to seek international... »
In January 1856 the Crimean War was nearly at an end. The battle of Balaklava (25/10/1854) and Inkerman (25/1/1855) had both taken place and as Austria... »
London’s police magistrate courts were created (officially) by the passing of the Middlesex Justices Act (1792). This established seven new ‘Police... »
A Distinguished Member of the Humane Society, by Edwin Landseer (1838) Madame Courtney was a ‘foreign’ (probably French) dressmaker who ‘spoke... »
Today I start my third year classes at the University of Northampton teaching and working with students on a module entitled ‘Crime and Popular Culture... »
So another Christmas is upon us and today thousands of people (well men mostly) will be rushing around trying to secure that last minute present for the... »
Jewish immigrants on Petticoat lane, by George Eastman House The newspaper reports of the late Victorian police courts offer us a window into a past society.... »
Colonial Massachusetts sailor Bryan Sheehen culminated a life of warped relations with the opposite sex at his hanging on this date in 1772. According... »
In 1897, the discovery of a little boy’s body in a Warwickshire village laid bare the problems that could face single mothers in Victorian England.... »

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