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A depiction of the discovery of Mrs McLennan’s body, from the Illustrated Police News (found in the British Newspaper Archive) It was December 1914;... »
Highly recommended this month is the free exhibition Rogues Gallery: Faces of Crime, 1870-1917, which is at the National Records of Scotland in Edinburgh... »
A seasonal turnip, by Geni at Wikipedia It was Hallowe’en – 31 October – in 1899, and a group of men and boys were celebrating the night... »
On this date in 1922, Mexican General Francisco Murguia was shot at the Tepehuanes cemetery in Durango. A photographer who found martial glory in the Mexican... »
On this date in 1915, polar explorer Ernest Shackleton, his ship fatally trapped in Antarctic pack ice, had the ship’s beloved cat shot. The 1915... »
an anti-vaccination pamphlet from the USA (c.1894) Thomas Williamson was clearly frustrated at finding himself before the magistrate at the Hampstead Police... »
The Havelock Arms in Albion Drive, Dalston in the 20th century On the morning of the 10 November 1888 the reports from the London Police Courts in The... »
A Victorian coffee house, note the lack of female customers. Francis Nicholls was a young man of about 25 years of age. He sounds like he possessed a certain... »
November 19 is the feast date of Diocletian martyr Saint Barlaam of Antioch.* A Cappadocian peasant, Barlaam defeated through righteous willpower a Roman... »

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