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Cry, after my death, against military justice! -Henri Herduin, in his last letter to his wife On this date in 1916, which happened to be Pentecost, two... »
(Thanks to Meaghan Good of the Charley Project for the guest post. -ed.) On this date in 1944, nineteen-year-old serial killer Seisaku Nakamura was hanged... »
On this date in 1941, Brooklyn gangster Pittsburgh Phil went to the Sing Sing electric chair. The smart-dressed Pittsburgh Phil* — “Harry... »
Most of the drugs that are prohibited by law today were legal in the nineteenth century but contemporaries recognized that there was a problem with drug... »
The cricket season is upon us and England have already won and lost a couple of home tests this summer. In London test matches are usually played at either... »
Lambeth Bridge in the 1800s The Standard‘s coverage of the Police Courts of the Metropolis at the engining of June make fairly grim reading. At Lambeth... »
On this date in 1946, Chen Gongbo, president of China under the Japanese occupation, was shot for treason. Briefly a Communist in his youth, Chen was Kuomintang... »
Spitalfields Market, c.1842 This is a very curious case and one which may require some deeper digger over the next few weeks. In May 1848 a murder was... »
June 17 of 1581 was the alleged condemnation date — the best specific calendar date we have — for the German robber/murderer Christman Genipperteinga... »

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