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Female prisoners in Tothill Fields House of Correction  Mary Driscoll was well known to the establishment at Southwark Police Court. A ‘powerful... »
On this date in 1533, a German woman, nameless to posterity, was burnt as a witch in the town of Schiltach. Engraving of Schiltach from 1643, a century... »
The Three Counties Lunatic Asylum, Bedfordshire, (c.1871) On the morning of the 22 February 1899 Eliza Williams and her husband Herbert were in bed at... »
Easter fell on the 1 April on only four occasions in the nineteenth century: 1804, 1866, 1877, and 1888. On Easter Sunday 1877 there were the usual... »
Giuseppe Mazzini A crowd had gathered outside 7 Hardington Place, Portman Market in Marylebone. It was about 10.30 at night and a man was at a first floor... »
This case is amongst the earliest I’ve looked at for the Metropolitan Police Courts predating in fact, both the beginning of Victoria’s reign... »
By Krista Kesselring; posted 5 April 2018. Murder, conspiracy, illicit sex – the Court of Star Chamber judges heard it all. One unusual, and unusually... »
It was midday on 24 April 1883 and the verger to the Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral (a Mr Green) was close by the choir with his assistant. He noticed... »
Let’s not beat about the bush, James Bull was an alcoholic. In 1840 the papers referred to him as ‘dissipated’ by they meant that he... »

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