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1525: Jäcklein Rohrbach, for the Weinsberg Blood Easter

On the 21st or perhaps the 20th of May in 1525, the peasant rebel Jakob Rohrbach — more commonly known as Jäcklein... • posted 24 hours ago

Feast Day of St. Baudilus

January 20 is the feast date of Christian martyr Saint Baudilus, patron of Nîmes, France — also known as Baudilio... • posted 1 day ago

1883: Not Alferd (sic) Packer, #nerdprom attendee

The National Press Club is probably best known for its White House Correspondent’s Dinner. This site prefers to think... • posted 4 days ago

1618: Nicole Regnault and the brothers Bouleaux

On this date in 1618, Venice crushed a Spanish conspiracy with sudden violence. The reality of this conspiracy has been argued... • posted 4 days ago