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tales from the Police courts of the metropolis

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A chimney sweep’s wife is assaulted and an elderly man abused: two cases of everyday...

Two contrasting cases today – both involving violence and both from 1880. The first of these brought Daniel McCarthy... • posted 14 days ago

A maid runs off to the theatre to see the minstrels (and we get a reminder of our...

Isabella Parker was a servant at a house in Piccadilly. White domestic service brought a level of security as well as a bed... • posted 25 days ago

A brutal assault on the underground

Clarence Lewis was in a poor state when he appeared at Guildhall Police court in September 1880 to tell the sitting alderman... • posted 31 days ago

A small tragedy averted as over 600 drown in the Thames’ foul waters

On Saturday 14 September 15, 1878 Henry Sharpe, whose occupation was simply recorded as ‘labourer’ , was set... • posted 39 days ago