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The Very Image of Justice? Star Chamber Records and the Art of Punishment

Posted by Krista J. Kesselring, 11 January 2019. Records of cases heard in the early modern English Court of Star Chamber... • posted 8 days ago

Prosecuting Homicide on the Coroner’s Inquisition

By Cassie Watson; posted 26 December 2018. Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century coroner’s juries regularly returned verdicts... • posted 24 days ago

“Woe unto those who know not how to syllabificate”: The Languages of Medieval...

Posted by Sara M. Butler, 9 November 2018. When John of Salisbury (ca. 1115-1180) decried the dishonesty of lawyers in his... • posted 71 days ago

Slavery and Cartwright’s Case before Somerset

Posted by Krista J. Kesselring, 10 October 2018. The case of James Somerset in 1772 is one of the most celebrated episodes... • posted 102 days ago