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Capital Punishment in the North East of England 1752-1880

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“Going on furlough”: The original Tommy Fury

A Plan of Sunderland, Bishopwearmouth And Mk.Wearmouth, 1817. Image taken from: “A historical and descriptive view... • posted 16 days ago

From the Lowly Hougher to the Professional Neck Stretcher: A Short History of Hangmen...

In what felt like week 9,000 of lockdown I was contacted by a fellow Sunderland Uni graduate (Bridget Hamilton, a radio production... • posted 258 days ago

Remembering Peter Rushton

Peter Rushton. As I write this I am sat in my garden in Walker, Newcastle. The sun is shining and I am  listening to... • posted 318 days ago

Orwell and the rope; a brief history of watching people die.

The BBC in their infinite wisdom have decided to celebrate the 70th anniversary of George Orwell’s death (an arbitrary... • posted 412 days ago