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This website was archived at the end of April 2022, with 41 blogs listed. There will be no future updates and the links on this page will not be checked. The nature of blogs is such that over time they are likely to disappear or become defunct, so links may break or not point to expected content. At some point the page may be removed entirely.

BlogAreas of interest
"Domestic Murder," She Wrote murder, 20th century, photography, crime scenes RSS
A Criminal Record digital, crime, punishment RSS
Alsatia London, early modern RSS
C18thGirl c18th, crime, gender RSS
Carceral Archipelago punishment, transportation RSS
Chris Payne's Blog police, detectives RSS
Coins, Crime and History crimes, coining, c18th RSS
Conviction prisons, c19th RSS
Crime in the Community London, Old Bailey RSS
Criminal Characters Australia, 19th-20th centuries, criminals RSS
Criminal Historian c18th, c19th, gender RSS
Criminal Portraits crime, offenders RSS
Digital Panopticon punishment, London, Australia, c19th RSS
Early American Crime America, 18th century RSS
Early Modern Notes early modern, crime RSS
Early Modern Prisons early modern, punishment RSS
Executed Today execution RSS
Forgotten Convicts transportation, 19th century, women, poverty RSS
Gloucestershire Crime History rural, southern England RSS
Historical Criminology criminology, modern RSS
Irish Plea Rolls Ireland, crime, medieval RSS
Juvenile Offenders 19th century, juvenile crime, punishment RSS
lastdyingwords 19th century, England, execution RSS
Legal History Miscellany legal history, crime, justice RSS
Mad, Bad and Desperate crime, insanity, c19th RSS
Melanie Newport imprisonment, USA, 20th century RSS
Nineteenth-Century Criminal Tattoos prisoners, 19th century, tattoos, digital RSS
On The Convict Trail transportation, Australia, convict heritage RSS
Our Criminal Ancestors family history RSS
Policing and Repeat Offending London, long 18th century, policing, crime RSS
Prostitution and Women's Work in England and Wales 1850-1950 19th century, women, prostitution RSS
The Bonds of Betrayal 19th century, England, bigamy, crime RSS
The Most Remarkable Woman in England women, murder, 20th century RSS
The Old Parramattan 19th century, Australia, convict transportation RSS
the police magistrate 19th century, London, police courts RSS
The Prosecution Project Australia, trials, courts RSS
unlawful histories crime, violence RSS
Victorian Detectives policing, 19th century, London RSS
Victorian Policing police, northern England, c19th RSS
Voices From Broadmoor insanity, gender, crime RSS
Wayward Women women, Victorian, prisons RSS