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Covent Garden in 1864 If you are familiar with the modern Covent Garden then I expect you are fairly used to the sorts of entertainment on offer there.... read more »
I’ve just seen this advertised, and it looks a great event for anyone interested in 19th century murder and women’s involvement in crime. Eleanor... read more »
Konrad Vorlauf, late the mayor of Vienna, was beheaded on this date in 1408 with two other councillors. The patrician Burgermeister was a casualty of the... read more »
Thomas Dubbin had enjoyed a steady job as a butcher’s foreman working for a respectable business on The Strand. But his relationship with his employer,... read more »
On this date in 1835, Ruel Blake hanged in Livingston as one of the white instigators of a supposed slave uprising. Blake was an foreigner to Madison County,... read more »
  London Zoo in 1837 Two cases for you these morning, both from the Marylebone Police Court in the year of Queen Victoria’s accession to the... read more »
This story is transcribed from the July 27, 1835 National Banner and Nashville Whig: From the Clinton (Miss.) Gazette. PUBLIC EXECUTION. — On Thursday... read more »
In 1867 the adoption of the Queensbury Rules had transformed the popular sport of pugilism into modern professional boxing. Previously prize fights had... read more »
Posted by Krista Kesselring, 9 July 2017. Deaths in gaol have long required investigation by coroners. In Canada, one provincial jurisdiction recently... read more »
The planters comprising Livingston’s extralegal public safety committee had Albe Dean and A.L. Donovan lynched on this date in 1835, during the ongoing... read more »
Seven men were sat around a table in house in Whitechapel at 10.30 at night, playing at cards when there was a loud knock at the door. The knock was followed... read more »
We’ve done several posts in these pages devoted to Mississippi’s July 1835 slave insurrection panic and there are several more yet to come.... read more »
On Friday, July 6 1855, a foreman operating one of the companies of river boats on the Thames appeared in court at Bow Street. Henry Styles was charged... read more »
This imposing building is a pair of Georgian style townhouses that feature three floors and an attic area. They form a really interesting part of the Elizabeth... read more »
On this date in 1835, five professional gamblers were strung up in Vicksburg. It was an event more adjacent to than constituent of the slave rebellion... read more »
Plumstead in the 1880s George Warren was blessed with three grown daughters, and doubly blessed in that each had managed to secure a marriage and so were... read more »
On this date in 1723, the 58-year-old former mayor of the Pembrokeshire town of Tenby was hanged along with his quarrelsome 23-year-old son. This classic... read more »
HMS Powerful In 1840 Britain was embroiled in war in the middle east, fighting at sea off the coast of Syria in the Egyptian-Ottoman War (1839-41). Britain... read more »
In the Mississippi slave insurrection panic of 1835, slavers’ fears attached themselves right from the start to the prospect of white leadership... read more »
James Berry, as pictured in the Shipley Times & Express, 24 October 1913 It was on this day in 1896 that the Illustrated Police news covered a story... read more »
One of the pleasures of London – as I was reminded by a good friend recently – is simply walking in the parks and taking in the everyday sights.... read more »
On this date in 1939, Bolivian serial killer Ramiro Artieda was executed at the prison of Cochabamba. Artieda (German Wikipedia entry) cut his teeth in... read more »
Sometimes I try to lift my head out of the archives and read around in the growing and really awesome new literature on prisons in more recent times. This... read more »
Pall Mall, c.1842 This is an unpleasant if unusual case of domestic abuse. It is unusual because of the nature of the injury caused and how, and because... read more »
In 1835, Madison County in the U.S. Deep South state of Mississippi thrilled to the frightening rumor that its huge slave population was on the brink of... read more »
The first casualties of the Murrell Excitement, a purported slave rising in Madison County, Mississippi, were strung up by vigilance committees on this... read more »
Charing Cross station in the nineteenth century  Mrs Ann Leonardi (or Lee as she was also known) was, by her own description,  an ‘independent... read more »
If  you have ever been out for dinner when a singer with a guitar has begun to serenade the restaurant, uninvited, then you will have some appreciation... read more »
My name is Francisco Escribano. They accused me of stealing for the men in the mountains two sacks of chickpeas, a blanket, a pair of scissors, six socks,... read more »