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the many-headed monster Brodie Waddell If you’re in Britain and reading a history blog, you’ve probably spent most of the last week thinking... read more »
The Low Head Pilot Station is the oldest pilot station in Australia, and contains the oldest buildings of a pilot station in Australia. The Low Head Pilot... read more »
On this date in 1741, according to Daniel Horsmanden’s relentless chronicle of his pursuit of the great New York slave conspiracy “Duane’s... read more »
One hundred years ago today at Bussy-les-Daours on the Somme, Canadian Trooper Alexander Butler was shot for the unprovoked murder of another soldier during... read more »
  Designed and created by Emma D Watkins read more »
I will be giving a public talk at the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics on July 13. It will address research I’ve conducted this... read more »
The Protestant martyr John Bradford, burned for his faith on this date in 1555, is the popularly reputed source of the idiom “There but for the grace... read more »