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(Thanks to Robert Elder of Last Words of the Executed — the blog, and the book — for the guest post. Fans of this here site are highly likely... read more »
On this date in 1794, Nicolas Luckner was guillotined in Paris. A count with his own manor on the German-Danish frontier, Luckner (English Wikipedia entry... read more »
The Commandant was Port Arthur’s most senior official. A residence befitting his rank and position was erected on high ground on the fringe of settlement... read more »
January 3 is the feast date of Saint Gordius, a centurion said to have abandoned his spatha and scutum in favor of a pious hermit’s desert solitaire.... read more »
First of all, apologies for the gap between blog posts - I will try to do better in 2016!The Irish plea rolls furnish us with many, many examples... read more »
This date in 1863 saw the last hanging ever at Worcester — that of a decrepit old drunk, William Ockold, either 69 or 70 years of age, who had beaten... read more »
On New Year’s Day of 1831, Edmund Bushby was hanged in Horsham for arson committed during southern England’s great agricultural labor rising,... read more »