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One of the ‘big ideas’ of the late twentieth century was privatization. The principle was that all things are made better by competition. The... read more »
From the public domain History of Siskiyou County, California Illustrated with Views of Residences, Business Buildings and Natural Scenery, and Containing... read more »
This will be a post in two parts about data relating to the series of Westminster Coroner’s Inquests on London Lives, which cover the period 1760-1799.... read more »
Pasquelio Cascarino ran an ice cream shop at 1 Neate Street, Camberwell with other members of his family. Italians in London were closely associated with... read more »
This ghastly description of a botched hanging comes courtesy of the out-of-print The palace of death, or, the Ohio Penitentiary Annex: A human-interest... read more »
We’ve met Henry Cooper before on this site. No, not the boxing legend who once floored Mohammed Ali, but a serial fraudster who got himself locked... read more »
On this date in 1779, American Revolution patriots hanged Henry Hare as a spy at Canajoharie in upstate New York. In the first years of the revolution,... read more »
Most of the drugs that are prohibited by law today were legal in the nineteenth century but contemporaries recognized that there was a problem with drug... read more »
  The main objective of the ‘Carceral Archipelago’ project has been to write the history of convicts and penal colonies into global history,... read more »
On this date in 1890, an affectionate married couple hanged together in Elko, Nevada, for a murder they insisted they had not authored. We obtain this... read more »
The Metropolitan Meat Market at Smithfield  The City of London actively policed the market at Smithfield so as to protect the citizens of the capital... read more »
(Thanks to Meaghan Good of the Charley Project for the guest post. -ed.) On this date in 1944, nineteen-year-old serial killer Seisaku Nakamura was hanged... read more »
The Royal Exchange and Bank of England (you can see the railings and the gas lamps on the left hand side)  PC Batchelor was on his beat in Threadneedle... read more »
Indonesian migrant worker Ruyati binti Sapubi was beheaded in Mecca on this date in 2011 for the meat cleaver murder of her mistress. She numbered among... read more »
By the time Ann Poulter was brought before the magistrate at Marlborough Street she had recovered sufficiently from her pregnancy to face a rigourous legal... read more »
June 17 of 1581 was the alleged condemnation date — the best specific calendar date we have — for the German robber/murderer Christman Genipperteinga... read more »
Street fight in Seven Dials, by George Cruikshank c.1839 Seven Dials was notorious in the 1800s as a place of desperate poverty and criminality. It was... read more »
Dying graciously is a — in that blessed space of unfeigned equanimity, in between fright and bluster — is a difficult art. On this date in... read more »
William Thomas’ son – Thomas Thomas – had been a difficult child. He had grown up in a large family with eight siblings, another one... read more »
Anti-fascist teacher Raymond Burgard was beheaded on the fallbeil on this date in 1944, in Cologne. A literature instructor at Paris’s lycée... read more »
Ever since I came across his eye-catching gravestone in Père Lachaise cemetery for the first time thirty years ago, I've been fascinated by Oscar... read more »
In mid June 1882 a well-dressed man was stood in the dock at Southwark Police court and charged with conspiracy to steal (or rather defraud) from two German... read more »
“Sermon preached at Haddam [Connecticut], June 14, 1797. On the day of the Execution of Thomas Starr, condemned for the murder of his kinsman Samuel... read more »
Mr Selfe was the presiding magistrate at the Westminster Police court in June 1863 and he was not a man to be trifled with. So when James Cowen appeared... read more »
Women dying of arsenic poisoning were a popular subject for the press – this later example is from the Illustrated Police News It was January 1888.... read more »
This honourable man, a good knight and a gentle; of living somewhat dissolute; plain and open to his enemy, secret to his friend, easy to beguile, as he... read more »
When Sergeant Gillett (31N) found Amelia Cooke and her children sleeping under the stars he decided to act. It wasn’t the first time the woman and... read more »
On this date in 1941, Brooklyn gangster Pittsburgh Phil went to the Sing Sing electric chair. The smart-dressed Pittsburgh Phil* — “Harry... read more »
Spitalfields Market, c.1842 This is a very curious case and one which may require some deeper digger over the next few weeks. In May 1848 a murder was... read more »
Cry, after my death, against military justice! -Henri Herduin, in his last letter to his wife On this date in 1916, which happened to be Pentecost, two... read more »